Frugal Step: Make A Menu 10/5/15



As of Friday, I am trying Weight Watchers again and trying to get rid of this stubborn baby weight. I am going to add Weight Watchers PointsPlus points next to each dinner recipe.

Sunday: Hunt and Peck

Monday: Veggie Lasagna with Pesto (using 1/2 the pesto in recipe, no parm, and jarred Prego sauce. I also reduced points by not using noodles on the bottom layer, and using only 6 noodles on the other 2 layers.) [8 points]

Tuesday: Leftover Lasagna

Wednesday: Leftover Lasagna

Thursday: Lentil Taco Salad with Corn Tortilla Strips and Avocado [4]

Friday: Lentil and Onion Spread over White Rice [7]

Saturday: Shakshuka (no feta) [7]

Also making: Black Bean Dip with Veggies (WW recipe) [1]

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