Frugal Step: Make A Menu


Most of the recipes I link to can be found in my Pinterest boards. Check them out- lots of frugal dishes!

Monday: “Snacky Dinner”: Big tray with fresh celery, carrots, bell pepper, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cheese slices, sliced summer sausage, and ranch dip made with nonfat Greek yogurt and Aldi’s Ranch powder.

Tuesday: Cheese Grits with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Apple Bourbon Pork using this sauce, Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts

Thursday: I have a team-building dinner with coworkers. The family gets fruit, carrots, and hot dogs.

Friday: Shirred Eggs with Herbs and Garlic, Peas, Potato Rolls (practicing for Thanksgiving)

Saturday: Dinner at The Winds Cafe with friends. I look forward to Aged Cheddar Soup and Fried Brussels Sprouts every year.

Sunday: Hunt and Peck


Earl Grey Tea Latte

Pumpkin Gingerbread

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