Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. Now that we have three kids in school, it means four parent-teacher conferences. My mother came and babysat while I attended them.
  2. My friend’s grandfather passed away and I sent flowers. I went through Ebates to get 12% cash back and bought a bouquet on sale to save money. (If you wanted to try Ebates, signup through my referral link and you will get a bonus $10 cash back when you get your first rebate. I do get cash back when you sign up through my referral as well.)
  3. I worked several days this week, including evening and weekend time to save money.
  4. I had a coupon for free Eggo waffles in my Kroger digital coupons.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. Dumped out several veggies that had gone bad in the drawer.
  2. Decided to impulsively rent a movie last weekend.

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