Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. I worked 28 hours last week and picked up 16-20 for this week.
  2. I am not into meat very much, neither is our 4 year old, and my sister is a vegetarian, so I am planning on bringing Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and Veggie Ranch Pizza for Christmas dinner(if my SIL doesn’t come and bring the ranch pizza herself).
  3. The school PTO is reimbursing me for most of a teacher gift I bought as part of a Secret Santa project.
  4. I have been reading my digital library book, the first in the Poldark series.
  5. I totally forgot I had a Fitbit Charge stowed away from last year, so I finally pulled it out and got it set up.
  6. My kids are still being entertained almost every night by our Xbox Kinect and the Just Dance 2016 game. I have been getting a lot of exercise playing it with them.
  7. My aunt gifted us with gift cards from Cracker Barrel and a gas card plus some notebooks, fancy pens, and books to the kids.  Another aunt gave books to the kids, and a third gave me some fancy Bath and Body Works hand soap. Thank you!

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. Some organic chicken I bought went bad and I was so ticked!

How are you doing this week?

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