Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1. I used fuel points to get 40 cents off per gallon at Kroger Fuel Center. I paid $1.19/gallon and filled my van’s tank for $16. It’s been a month since I last filled it!
  2. I made cornbread for Pioneer Day at my son’s school. I tripled the batch of this Jiffy copycat recipe to make 32 muffins for $0.90.
  3. The kids were encouraged to dress up as pioneers for Pioneer Day, and we sent our son to school in jeans, a red flannel, and cowboy boots, all of which we already owned.
  4. We used our Papa John’s coupon deal to get pizza one night. It’s been a long time since we had that brand, and we weren’t very happy with it, but it was already paid for, so it was livable.
  5. We watched Jessica Jones on Netflix for some adult TV time after the kids were in bed.
  6. We came home with two days worth of leftovers after Thanksgiving.
  7. I see White Christmas today as part of my Broadway series subscription that I paid for by selling old baby things.
  8. My husband complained about how cold the house is, so we kicked up the heat a little bit more. It’s still sitting at 68-70, which is 5-7 below where it was originally.
  9. I used my Staples Groupon deal to make our Christmas photo cards. I spent $30 total for 80 cards and $40 for stamps. $70 is not bad for fancy photo cards to be sent. That is 87.5 cents to send each card.
  10. I used a Shutterfly code to make a photo calendar for my in-laws for the price of shipping and tax only.
  11. I usually buy my in-laws and my best friend flowers for Christmas. I went through Ebates to get 12% cash back, used my Discover for 1% cash back, bought sale arrangements and a 20% off coupon code to get about $50 off the total price.
  12. Amazon was giving away a selection of movies, apps, music, and books the day before Thanksgiving for free. I downloaded free copies of the movies Divergent, Just Eat It, and Unity, and the song “All About That Bass”.
  13. I used sales, a coupon code, and Ebates to get about 45% off new sheets from Land’s End.  I’ve been waiting for a good deal for about 6 months. They are guaranteed for life, and can be returned for new ones if they get holes, etc. We bought sheets at BBB 2 years ago, and they developed holes, while our flannel sheets we got for our wedding almost 10 years ago are still going strong. I also got a few clearance shirts for the kids for next year.
  14. We bought an iPad as a therapy tool for one of the kids. We ordered online from Target on Thanksgiving to get a $150 gift card back.
  15. My husband has been waiting for a certain external hard drive to reach $105 or less. It went on sale on Amazon on Thanksgiving, and we scooped it up for $100. A bonus to that was a free $30 8 x 8 photo book from Shutterfly.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. It’s within my monthly fun money, but I bought a season of Big Bang Theory to binge-watch on Amazon.
  2. I threw out some old bananas.
  3. I bought Chick-Fil-A Tuesday for lunch with the kids. Still within my monthly spending!

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