Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1. I picked up a third shift for this week, as one came available. My mother babysat for one shift, which saved us babysitting costs. There is only one other shift so far this month, however, which makes me nervous. I have been checking in every day.
  2. My husband brought leftovers for lunch on Monday. He eats out every day, and it is hard for him to get on board, as he consumes a ton of calories and works in a windowless room. Lunch is his major sunlight of the day.
  3. Last weekend, we ended up switching restaurants to a place where my sister and I had gift cards. We saved the cost of dinner (our cards covered 100% of the bill) and only spent $20 in tip.
  4. My sister is moving and found a size 8 pair of black snow pants that used to belong to her stepson. She passed those on to me. They are the right size for our oldest child and should cover him for this winter and next.
  5. I used free YouTube videos to try some new free weight routines.
  6. I am eating out lunch today using a Groupon I bought last year. I am seeing the show Kinky Boots using my paid for theater subscription.
  7. I used my YMCA membership to take fitness classes 1 time this week.
  8. I got $100 in Land’s End gift cards in the mail from clothing I returned. I am saving them for when I need to buy new jeans as I lose weight.
  9. I listed several items for sale on craigslist and Ebay. No bites yet.
  10. We disconnected the residential internet now that I have a business line, and sold our modem for $35.
  11. Other than my husband’s lunches (his “entertainment” spending) and my gift card meal, we did not eat any dinners out.
  12. I finally submitted for reimbursement through my health savings account, and they deposited $285 in my bank account. Perfect timing during this slow work month.
  13. I used a free Evite to send invitations to my daughters’ combined birthday party coming in February.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. I can’t think of any! We didn’t even have food waste this week!

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One thought on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • Great ideas! You just got me an idea I have a Land’s End card that I forgot about and I need jeans too since I lost weight this last year.

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