Frugal Steps and Stumbles



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Frugal Steps:

  1. I found out the romaine salad I bought last weekend was from a potentially listeria contaminated batch. Eeep! We were able to get Kroger to take it back and exchange it for new ones.
  2. After our date night last Saturday, my husband and I hit Walmart with $50 in gift cards. Our son had chewed through the wire of our mouse and we needed a new one. We made him pay for it out of the money in his money jar, but used our gift card to buy a wireless mouse at Walmart. We also picked up socks for the older two kids and dance tights for our preschooler. The total was $49.38 and we used 100% of the gift cards.
  3. We were going to stop and pick up ice cream after our date, but decided to say Myeh and I came home and had a couple cups of tea instead.
  4. I used YouTube to do two yoga videos and 3 weight training workouts this week. I have lost a half inch off my waist in the past 3 weeks doing Kettlebell workouts on YouTube.
  5. I used my YMCA membership once this week to take Zumba, using the Childwatch benefit.
  6. My husband used a gift card to buy some yogurt, Clif bars, and soy milk. Total out of pocket: $0.
  7. I cut my son’s hair using our Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit. (It’s selling for the same 50% off  price we got it last May, so if you were thinking about trying this now would be a good time to buy.) This kit paid for itself within one haircut, so every time we use it, it will save us $15-20.
  8. My husband used a Visa gift card at Target to get $68 of printer ink and a few toiletries for free.
  9. Our sitter Miss Angie brought us a box of plain Cheerios that her family wouldn’t eat. Thanks Angie!
  10. My husband only bought lunch at work twice this week.  This saved $30.
  11. I froze two quarts of homemade refried beans.
  12. My mom picked up size 3T leggings at Target for our youngest.
  13. My son’s shoes are way too small. He wanted light-up Star Wars shoes just like his old ones. I usually buy at Stride Rite, because they have Star Wars shoes, but they are pricey. I checked on Amazon and found these Kylo Ren shoes that light up that were $24 after tax and free shipping with Prime. If you like Stride Rite, I have sometimes found discounted Stride Rite shoes for less than you can find during a Stride Rite sale.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. I didn’t have enough reusable juice boxes that were clean, so we sent single use juice boxes to robotics practice for snack.

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