Frugal Steps and Stumbles



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Frugal Steps:

  1. I downloaded a new Kindle First book. Every month Amazon Prime members can pick one of several new ebooks for free.
  2. The weather was nice out on Monday, so we walked to preschool to save the cost of gas.
  3. I sent thank you cards with free cards I got in the mail.
  4. I lifted weights using free YouTube videos at home three times this week.
  5. My husband walked the kids up to our community playground to play.
  6. I am using my Broadway subscription to see If/Then with my sister, and my mom is babysitting the girls since my husband and son are at the Pinewood Derby for cub scouts all day.  We are bringing pizza home to mom’s for dinner and are using a coupon.
  7. We parked in a cheaper garage a few blocks away instead of using valet parking at our show.
  8. I baked a loaf of bread.
  9. My husband bought our alarm clock in 1987 when he first went off to college. It finally went kaput for good this week. I won’t complain too much since he got almost 30 years of use out of something he bought at Kmart. We wanted something with a red display instead of green, because the green keeps us awake. I went to Goodwill and found a used radio alarm clock for $2.99 and it has a red display. Score!
  10. We are somewhat Montessori style here and our children use glass dishes, except for the toddler’s sippy. That means that sometimes things break and the kids have to learn to clean it up. I replaced some of the kids’ broken glasses with two child-sized juice glasses from Goodwill for $0.29 each.
  11. I am losing weight and anticipate needing smaller shirts by late spring. I bought 4 smaller size brand-name shirts at Goodwill for $14.67.
  12. We had $165 in Target gift cards that we accrued when buying Christmas gifts and diapers this year. I don’t coupon much anymore because I have a healthy stockpile of household and hygiene supplies that I fill in with occasional couponing. I have been saving up the gift cards for when there were enough gift card rebate deals at Target to make a trip worthwhile. You can see exactly what I bought in tomorrow’s post, but I bought $230 worth of stuff, paid $65.53 out of pocket, and got $30 in gift cards back.
  13. My husband used Kroger fuel points to fill up his car for $1.07 per gallon.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. My son is in cub scouts and the Pinewood Derby is today. It’s important that he learn how to manage the tools himself for his project. We needed to buy a woodworking tool to the tune of several hundred dollars for his project. A partial fail, since we had a few gift cards, so out of pocket was only $80.
  2. I spent $4.28 at McDonald’s.

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