Frugal Steps and Stumbles



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Frugal Steps:

  1. One of the kids had a clinic visit at the children’s hospital this week. The garage is $2 for parking. When we parked, the gate was open and the ticket machine not working. When we left, the gate was back down, but the attendant let me out of the garage without paying, since I had no ticket.  That saved us $2.
  2. I baked Valentine M & M cookies for my son’s class using things I had on hand plus some M & Ms from my epic Target stock-up.
  3. My son brought Valentines I’ve had in our stockpile for 4 years (a mix of Green Lantern and Pirates of the Caribbean) that I got for $0.25 per box. There were no complaints either, just a “This is saving us money, right?” Your are correct, my Padawan.
  4. I parked in a cheap garage a few blocks away when I saw a show last week, and paid $5 instead of $15 for valet parking.
  5. My mom gave me 2 half gallons of chocolate milk, some ham, and a loaf of bread. My in-laws brought some beer and a gallon of real-deal apple cider from northern Ohio for my husband.
  6. I picked up one work shift.
  7. I read New Recipes From Moosewood Restaurant, Thug Kitchen Party Grub, and Lebanese Home Cooking for free on the Ohio Digital Library. Lots of vegetarian recipes! Spring is coming and I’m thinking of making the artichoke dip and roasted artichokes from Thug Kitchen and a tomato/artichoke salad from Moosewood.
  8. We made homemade air-popped popcorn for a fraction of the cost of microwave bags. We eat so much popcorn that it was worthwhile to buy this Presto air popper last year. I bought a 12-pack of Jolly Time Kernals on Amazon for about $1/pound and it has lasted us for a year. $25 for a year of popcorn is super cheap! Before we had this induction stove we made it on the stove top in a stainless steel bowl like Alton Brown, but cast iron is too heavy for me to shake on the stove top. You can make your own kettle corn seasoning or melt some butter.
  9. I got my Ebates rebate check in the mail for about $46. If I shop online, I try and go through Ebates for an extra discount boost.
  10. I have a AAA membership. If I renew with a credit card instead of check and auto-renew every year, I will save $10 every year, so I did it.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. A snowstorm was hitting this week, so I hit the closer fancy grocer in our neighborhood to stock up on a few things. They are expensive so you get less for the same prices. I bought  spent a little more than expected this week, but am still within where I need to be for the month.
  2. Yesterday I didn’t get to the store until late in the afternoon because I had too much to do to get ready for the party. We fed the kids sandwiches but bought wraps from Buffalo Wild Wings for the adults: $35. Fail.

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • I may below king into those artichoke recipes if these giant things in my yard produce much. No idea what to do with them.

    • I’m a little jealous you have an artichoke tree. I love artichokes.

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