Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Sorry this post is late- we lost internet Friday afternoon and it was just finally fixed this morning. I have been going through withdrawal!

Frugal Steps:

  1. I used Kroger fuel points to get $0.40 off per gallon.
  2. We borrowed quite a few movies from the library, a few books for the kids, and I was able to get critical grad school work in that was due by last night by using the internet at the library. That library card is worth its weight in gold!
  3. I started potty training our toddler. It costs me nothing- I pulled the Baby Bjorn potty chair out of the basement and our older daughter’s old toddler underpants, which we have in abundance. I waited until it was warm out and put the potty chair on our gated deck. Expert tip- it’s easier to hose off a deck than to hose off the carpet.
  4. My girls spent a rainy morning playing on our deck in rain boots.
  5. My mother babysat our youngest last Sunday while my sister and I took Mr J and Miss E to the amusement park. When I had to get grad school work done last night, I went down to her house and she watched the kids while I burned the midnight oil in the spare room. Thanks Grandma!
  6. I made pinto beans from dried in one slow cooker (one quart in the fridge and 2 quarts in the freezer) and homemade vegetable stock in our other slow cooker. I keep a freezer bag full of vegetable scraps in our freezer for this purpose.
  7. My sister and I used a coupon to buy a large pizza and 2 bowls of soup last Sunday after the amusement park. We spent $16 for it all. Compare that to a single slice of pizza, a bread stick, and a drink at the park for the same price. Highway robbery! We nixed the idea of drinking Icees too because they charged $8 for one small drink!
  8. We bought one small ice cream cone at the park, and I used my season pass to get a discount.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. The amusement park did have a food truck day when we went. I love food trucks! I spent $5 on a Chicago style hot dog and chips that  gave to my kids. The food trucks were all cheaper than everything at the park.
  2. We opted to play games at the park and we spent $35. My only rule was that this is the only time we do this during this season. I am keeping our spending within my monthly $100 to keep this from being too big a fail.
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