Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1.  I am going to get a nice haircut and highlight for the first time in 18 months for my in-laws anniversary party. I bought a Groupon for haircut and highlight this week for 50% off.

    I worked one day this week.


    I attended a free webinar about Convertkit, a tool I plan to use for this blog and several other websites.


    I took a Kroger survey for 50 extra fuel points.


    I borrowed two movies and several books from library.


    I used Youtube for a free kettlebell workout.


    I pulled our old 3T clothes out of storage for toddler.


    I used an $18 gift Amazon gift card to offset the cost of our monthly Subscribe and Save order.


    I got $40.93 back from the Amazon eBook class action settlement. My husband’s cell phone died this week (#1 for the week) and we used the card to help offset the cost.


    Our reverse osmosis filter died this week (#2 for the week), but  the mister researched online and figured out how to fix it himself. We may need to replace the whole thing soon, but he is confident he can do it himself, saving us the cost of a technician.


    Proving that bad things come in threes, we had a massive storm in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Several tornadoes were spotted, and we had to cower in the basement at 3 am. As we ran to the basement, our entire house rattled and shook, and we heard that telltale train sound. After the all-clear, my husband opened the front door, and discovered the sycamore tree in our front yard had fallen on our house and was completely blocking that exit. We are very lucky it did not go through the window as our daughters slept and did not crash through the roof. It twisted as it broke in half and scraped down the front of our house. I had to cancel my shift, as our kids did not sleep more than 4 hours. We finally got a tree removal service who will come this afternoon, and we will lose the entire tree. We are still waiting for an inspector to come and check out the roof. We know there is some damage but not how much.


    We are calling this a frugal step, however, because thanks to insurance, we will only have to pay about $1300 for our deductible plus non-covered stump removal. We also learned that the sycamore tree that is being removed tends to be pretty allergenic, and the tree doctor recommended a smaller Canadian red cherry that will be planted further away from our house. We had been plotting about saving for a new roof once I finished paying for grad school, and if we end up needing a new roof, we will not have to pay a cent. Needless to say, I am hoping the microburst with 80 mph winds helped us to make that happen. We’ll see what the inspector thinks.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We hosted a sleepover for my son’s birthday last night, and I decided to order pizza instead of making one. Post- windstorm, the kids were not sleeping well and I was dead on my feet.

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