Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1.  I ended up picking up four shifts this week at the last minute.  We were lucky my friend’s teen daughters offered to come  watch the kids . My specialty in insurance has been behavioral health, though I have worked ICU in the past. Our medical teams are desperately understaffed right now, and I offered to go outside my comfortable routine and learn how to work those cases. Not only is it something extra to add to my resume, but it refreshed some of my medical clinical skills and is giving me the opportunity for even more extra work over the next few weeks. Tip: I have never regretted offering to learn something new at work.  My next two paychecks should be very nice.
  2. I also worked discharges for 4 hours last weekend. Seriously, this paycheck will be fantastic. I hope to put an extra $1000 away these upcoming 4 weeks if I can.
  3. I got a surprise card from a relative in the mail gifting me a little money (thank you!). We put that in savings towards our home repairs. We are still in limbo over our roof. There is damage mostly concentrated in the front of the house,  a few shingles in the back, as well as the window screen and the gutter. Insurance will cover patching the roof, but our roof is almost 20 years old and patching may not match exactly. Our HOA is a bit psycho and a mismatched roof can easily get us a letter stating a lien is being put on the house until we are up to standard. (They did this to us 5 years ago when we changed the landscaping in our front yard). We still don’t know how much we will have to pay towards the $7000 new roof, so we are saving what we can.
  4. I exceeded my goal and applied for SIX scholarships.
  5. I baked a loaf of bread. Cost: $0.25
  6. Work was so happy I offered to cross-train in a different department that my team lead nominated me for an award. I got some points to “spend” for some rewards, and I chose a $10 Vudu gift card and 1 Redbox rental.
  7. Do you use Ebates whenever you shop online? After I had children, my feet went up a half size and I could no longer wear heels. I have been slowly replacing my shoes since the toddler was born in 2014. I have been on the lookout for good quality black leather knee high boots. During Prime Day, Amazon had Frye boots with only a 15″ height (I’m a Hobbit and I need a boot height of no more than 15″, which is harder to find) for $84. They are normally $174. I used my Discover for 5% cash back on Amazon purchases, plus Ebates had 3% cash back when buying shoes on Amazon.  I also used $15 from my Discover cash back bonus. After all the cash back, I will have paid $63 out of pocket. Frye boots are very high quality, and these bad boys better last me a couple decades. This price is cheaper than the gently used boots I see on Ebay, otherwise I would have gone in that direction.
  8. I have been on the lookout for good quality ballet flats in black and nude. This time, Ebay had the best deals. I scored some nude Tieks for $100 on Ebay. These are $175 shoes with a high resale value. I can get cheap shoes at Target for $20, but they don’t last as long. I have arthritis , and have to wear good quality shoes. A poorly fitting or poorly made shoe can mean the difference between maintaining and losing my mobility. I heard the stretching (for when toes swell) and the flexible sole can make them good for arthritic feet, so I am giving them a go and will resell them if they don’t work with my body. I also found some gently used black Hush Puppies and I’m going to trial them too. Worst case scenario, I sell back both pairs on Ebay.

Frugal Fail:

  1. Because I ended up working so many days unexpectedly, I was not prepared for late nights and fixing dinner. We got a pizza one night. Our entertainment expenses have been low, so we are still within my $100 however. I need to prepare well for the next two weeks, though, because there will be 4 day workweeks each week through the end of July, while I help both my department and the medical department.
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