Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1. Our regular babysitter is enjoying some much deserved vacation time, and I had the chance for working four days this week. A teacher friend was available for babysitting, so she earned a little extra side money, my kids had a blast at her house, and I was able to work a full four days. This gave us a taste of working full time again with a day care commute. Nope, not tempted in the least to go back to that grind! This will give us a nice cushion towards house repairs and our Roths though.
  2. We thought of buying a tent for our yearly backyard camp out and to prepare for Cub Scouts camp out in the fall, but we opted to borrow a cousin’s tent instead.
  3. We had a little entertainment money spending planned, but since I picked up shifts this week, the kids voted to spend it on a Wendy’s dinner instead last night.
  4. My sister and sister in law and I are seeing Ghostbusters Sunday and I bought matinee tickets for us online. My mother is babysitting for free.
  5. Today is dad’s 76th birthday, and we are taking him to his beloved Bob Evans tomorrow for his birthday- and using a coupon.
  6. My daughter has been making crafts we find on Pinterest from materials we already have, including this awesome fish. (By the way, I am on Pinterest if you want to check out my collection of finance, debt payoff, and frugal recipe boards).
  7. As of today, I am 100% done with this class session for grad school. I have a 92% (a B+ in this program-boo) and a 97-98% (an A) in my classes. When you are paying for education, good grades = money not wasted. If you are failing a course you are paying for, you are wasting your money!

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Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We threw out some old bananas.
  2. Our freezer is starting to lose its mind and leaked water from the ice maker, building up frost inside, which in turn made the freezer hard to close. One of the kids must have closed it incompletely and the warning beep never sounded. We got up this morning and several things in the freezer were defrosted and had to be thrown out.

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