Frugal Steps and Stumbles



Frugal Steps:

  1. I earned some Swagbucks and got $10 in Amazon gift cards.
  2. I bought Christmas presents for my kids on Amazon, using Discover cash back and taking advantage of a sale. We are getting a big ticket item this year, so I only needed to get a few other things. I spent $120. I only need to gather some art supplies for my older daughter and will be going weekly to Hobby Lobby/Michaels and using 50% off coupons to get those.3.
  3.  I qualified for a $75 research study through 2020 Research and will do my 30 minute interview online next week to complete it. As I usually do, I will use it for one week’s worth of groceries for us once the gift card comes in.
  4. I processed one quart and one pint of breadcrumbs from leftover stale buns. I used that pint’s worth (2 cups) to make breadcrumb cookies.
  5. I worked 3 shifts. I also signed up for quite a few shifts through December. I am going to have high savings goals the next four months to make sure I max my 2016 Roth and have money set aside for our first major family vacation next summer.
  6.  I got one free clothing item from a local consignment shop, Once Upon A Child, plus I picked up a couple new jean skirts and dresses for my 5 year old (she wears her beloved jean skirt almost every single day and it is just about too small).
  7. As an Amazon Prime member, one benefit I get is a free Kindle First book every month. You get a choice of one of four to six newly published books in several genres every month. I’ve almost never been uninterested in at least one of the selections.  If you are not a Prime member, you can opt to purchase one at a reduced price. We use Prime constantly, including Amazon Video, Amazon Music (I play it in the car), Subscribe and Save, and make many purchases through Amazon, so the $99/year cost of membership is worth it to us.
  8. We did not eat out once!
  9. We are buying some school pictures this year, but are only getting a wallet sized for each family member. We have 16 to buy, though, and even with just wallets it was $29 for each kid! Our school does spirng portraits too, and we never buy those.

Frugal Stumbles

  1. I bought some discounted mushrooms to use for making risotto, but they went bad way too fast, in just one day. Not going to do that again!

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