Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. My boss gave me a little award and I was able to use the points from it for some digital rewards. I chose a $10 Vudu gift card and am waiting for something good to come along and watch.
  2. My mother gave us an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and we used a little of it to rent Storks using a coupon code to make it $0.99. The kids liked it, adults hated it.
  3. We ate Christmas leftovers for several days. We still have mashed potatoes that I am going to freeze to use for future potato rolls.
  4. I earned $21 in Ibotta bonuses.
  5. I filled out the survey on my Kroger receipt to get an extra 50 fuel points. We will get 70 cents off per gallon on a fill-up in January.
  6. I am only 60 Swagbucks away from getting another $25 gift card! I literally just earned one last week. I’m thinking of an Ebay gift card this time.
  7. We paid cash for my grad school tuition!
  8. We went to my mom’s Tuesday and she sent us home with deli ham, raspberries, cantaloupe, baked beans, cinnamon rolls, and mac ‘n cheese.
  9. We watched Captain America: Civil War, which became available on Netflix this week, and Sister Act and Sister Act 2 on Hulu. (That Hulu membership is paid for with gift cards earned through Swagbucks. Four $25 gift cards per year covers it.) Unlike Storks, they were well received by all of us.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We composted some bad bananas and were really annoyed that a cantaloupe went bad only 2 days after buying it.
  2. My friend’s two teens stayed with us the past 3 days while they babysat and I worked, and we decided to go out to a local donut place last night. It ended up being closed for the holiday, and we instead went to get BBQ for the family, then Tim Horton’s for donuts and coffee.  Let’s just say my future grandchildren are doomed, because this is all due to my tendency to spoil.
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