Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. I baked brownies from scratch for about $0.30. This has been my go-to recipe for years because it is dairy-free.
  2. I had to drive to a city an hour away to meet with my preceptors for my graduate school practicum. My mom babysat. They gave me two textbooks to use, so I won’t have to buy them, and I learned if I contact the security office each day I go, I won’t have to buy a parking pass. They will treat me as a visitor instead.
  3. I worked two days this week.
  4. CVS sent me an email with a random $3 Extra Care Bucks.
  5. One of my preceptors gave me her old textbook to use for my population health class, and I picked it up this week. When I picked it up, I learned I won’t have to pay for parking.
  6. I watched Sherlock via the PBS Roku app.
  7. I printed out free coloring pages for our Daisy troop using a free printable I found online (you can see my Free Printables Board on my Pinterest page). The paper I used is from 2009, when I was able to get two cases of copy paper for free using a Staples Rewards deal. Yep, we are still not done with that free paper 8 years later.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. I got a flat tire on the minivan on Thursday night. The van is three years old and we learned the tires on the Toyota Sienna we have are known for poor quality. After looking at the other ones, my husband determined they needed to be replaced too. How annoying! We have an appointment on Monday for the new tires, and they will be $1000. D’oh!
  2. That drive to a city an hour away cost a bit in gas. It will be about 6-7 weeks of doing this drive, so my fuel costs are going to increase. Thankfully this is only short-term.
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