Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. I picked up three shifts this week.
  2. We did not eat out once.
  3. I had to drive to a different city to do some prep for my upcoming practicum. I brought my own lunch and drinks instead of eating out.
  4. Our daughters’ combined birthday party is coming up next month, and I bought them nightgowns for gifts using some cash back rewards.
  5. Our youngest had her three year well check-up, and there was no copay.
  6. We donated our pack’n play to a local foster agency. It came to us used from my SIL’s friend almost 9 years ago and we used it for all three kids. I love that it’s been used for 12 years and four kids already and is still going strong. Reusing is frugal!

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. Nothing! It was a good week.


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2 thoughts on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • Wow, that was a good week! I find it much more difficult to be frugal in January and February, but I know I’ll be full of energy come spring ☺

    • I won’t lie. I had to get up at 0530 Thursday, drive an hour away, didn’t get out of orientation until 2, and hadn’t eaten because I never know how my stomach is going to react to food. I was terribly tempted to stop on the way home, but chugged my water and ate my packed snacks.

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