Frugal Steps and Stumbles


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Frugal Steps:

  1. I cut my husband’s and my son’s hair using our Wahl Color Pro clippers.
  2. I earned rebates for a total of $0.75 through Ibotta and Checkout 51.
  3.  Swagbucks has offered 1 Swagbucks for every coupon you print on top of the 10 you get for every coupon you use. I printed coupons for 12 SB and will get 120 SB when redeemed. This month I already redeemed a $25 Hulu gift card and am almost halfway to earning another $25 gift card.  I am thinking my next gift card will be for Amazon, to go towards our Christmas savings.
  4. I used a Groupon for lunch at 50% off at a vegetarian restaurant ($20 for $40) and for an hour massage, x-ray, and chiropractic treatment for $37.
  5. We received a free Qvar sample for our 3 year old from her allergy and asthma doctor.
  6. I worked 2 days this week.
  7. I sold a baby item for $20. I priced it at$15, however the lady forgot our lunch appointment yesterday and felt so bad when we met later that day that she gave me an extra $5! This goes into our Christmas account.
  8. My Amazon Trade-in credits have started arriving!
  9. We fulfilled a summer bucket list item by watching a Netflix movie (Pirates of the Caribbean) and making homemade popcorn in our corn popper.
  10. My mom babysat the kids for free while I had lunch with my friend, and sent us home with rolls and ham.

Frugal Stumbles:


    Our insurance won’t pay for the spacer and mask our 3 year old needed for her new daily inhaled corticosteroid for her asthma. It was about $37.

  2. That spacer’s new med? It will probably be for the longer term and it will be a Tier 2 copay of $25/month. This brings us to 7 prescriptions a month and $85/month, and doesn’t include the extra OTCs we need. 

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