Frugal Steps and Stumbles


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Frugal Steps:

  1. I used my Amazon Trade-in Credits to complete 95% of the Christmas shopping for my kids. I was looking only for a pair of cowboy boots, and my friend Diane found one in a Size 2 for $4 at a Payless out of business sale. Still looking for a size 12.5-1 for this year, but I think I will be doing Ebay using a Swagbucks gift card and Ebates to get 5% cash back.
  2. I got $0.50 in rebates from Ibotta.
  3. My mom babysat twice this week while we had medical appointments and brought bread and milk with her.
  4. I read a book using the Ohio Digital Library.
  5. Two of our medical appointments were in city areas with parking garages. I was able to find street parking for $0.75 at one and the doctor’s office gave us a free token to get out of the garage at another.
  6. I got 4 bottles of All Detergent at Kroger for a grand total of $2!
  7. My mom gave me a bottle of iced tea she got for free through Kroger’s Free Friday Download program.
  8. I worked almost 2 full days this week.
  9. I sold the pink shirt we bought for our son as part of a wedding on Ebay for $2.33.
  10. We spent this morning at the pool that is a perk of our neighborhood.
  11. We used some fun money to go to Wendy’s, but only bought bulk chicken nuggets and a single large fry, and used a coupon to get a free Frosty for the girls. It was $11 for 4 people.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We threw out some old veggies and fruit.

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