Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. I worked two days plus picked up extra hours Thursday night, Saturday, and Sunday.
  2. One of our summer bucket list items was taking the two older kids to see Despicable Me 3 (which was super funny). We went to a matinee for the cheapest tickets, and I ordered them online so I could use the couple of bucks of Paypal credit I had.
  3. We tried a new and fantastic park, hung out with neighborhood friends, hit the pool, and attended a Girl Scout bonfire this week. We brought homemade Rice Krispy Treats to the bonfire.
  4. Our 6 year old’s kindergarten teacher invited all of her students from this past year to meet at a local ice cream shop a few days this summer. We went on Monday and bought $1 kiddie sized cones for three of us and a couple of cherry Slushies.
  5. We watched the movie Logan through Vudu for free thanks to some Vudu credits I earned through work.
  6. I turned in my final graduate portfolio!! This means a lot of time is opening up,and I did  budget recalculation. I calculated that if I pick up 28 hours per week, I will easily hit all of our savings goals plus the extras. I want a family vacation fund (never had one, never gone farther than the grandparents’ in Cleveland) and a personal vacation fund for me to hit some of my travel bucket list goals with just my sister or friends. This makes me a lot more motivated to pick up work. I also know how much I will have to pull from teaching/blogging and from The Mister’s savings to get our mortgage paid off in 5 years.
  7. Kroger had a $10 off your Clicklist order, plus several items for free if you made a Clicklist order. I cancelled our Green Bean Delivery for the week to clean out the fridge and made my first Clicklist order. With the coupon and freebies, it was only $86.57! We got a free family sized Honey Nut Cheerios, Nature Valley Granola Bars, and when they brought the food out they said we were also getting a free pack of Twizzlers. I have to go back this week and get the $1 peanut butter and some strawberries, but otherwise this is a cheap week. It went really smoothly, and they loaded my van with 3 kids in the car. I will definitely take advantage of this in the future if my husband travels for work. Taking three kids to a store is not my favorite.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. Even though I squeezed about 7 hours of work in this past weekend, we decided this will be a celebration weekend for us, now that I am 100% with my grad schoolwork. I instituted “no cook” weekend, and we had pizza from one of my favorite places Saturday night after seeing Despicable Me, and we went out last night to Red Robin, a park, and an ice cream place. This was way out of our norm, and we enjoyed it, but it was certainly more spendy than usual!

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One thought on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • Wow! Well done on finishing your masters’. That is worth celebrating!

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