Frugal Steps and Stumbles


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Frugal Steps:

  1. I cut my husband’s and son’s hair at home. We use the Wahl Color Pro Clippers. We’ve used them for two years now.
  2. My mother watched the girls while I took their brother to a long medical appointment, and she sent us home with a lot of food and milk.
  3. I worked almost 30 hours last week! I am not doing that this week, however, as it almost killed me.
  4. We found out our two older children both needed glasses this week. Our insurance paid for $130 of each frame, plus gave a 20% discount on the remaining amount on the frames, lenses, and anti-glare. We paid $210 out of pocket instead of almost $500.
  5. My arthritis is flaring up, so I decided to take advantage of using Kroger Clicklist again. I found I am spending less by using it, so groceries were around $100 of my $150 budget. We opted to decline our Green Bean Delivery box this week because we need to use some things up and clean out the fridge. Even though our closest Clicklist store is 15 minutes away, it still took less time-and most importantly, muscle and energy- to complete the task. They did not charge me the $5 fee and gave us a free bag of chocolate covered pretzels in addition to the free BBQ sauce we got as our Free Friday download.
  6. A few of you lovely readers shopped at Amazon through my link, and I earned $12 from that. Thank you!!
  7. We are asking for help from our insurance ombudsman to deal with the denial of our son’s PT and OT.
  8. The tutor was traveling, so we skipped a week and saved $75.
  9. Our friends were camping nearby and we joined them for a day. We went to a splash pad, a park with a fantasy fairy garden and tree house, ate ice cream, and made s’mores on their fire pit. We pulled brats and hot dogs from the freezer, made PB & J,and brought snacks and water from home.

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We ate out three times- two of those times going back and forth from the hospital an hour away on the day we have three medical appointments.

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One thought on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • Stumbles happen to all of us.

    I see that you’re a lentil lover, have any recipes that you care to share?

    I see that you bought glasses for your kids. Have you ever used an online company? Friends all rave about them but I’ve never taken the plunge. Mine cost about $350 and I have no medical coverage and I hear that they sell for as little as $50 online!?

    Looking forward to following along with all your journeys.

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