Frugal Steps and Stumbles


Frugal Steps:

  1. One of my post-graduate degree goals is to pass the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam. I want to sit for it this fall, before all my knowledge has spilled out from between my ears, so I needed a review book to study. The books are all around $100, so I opted to rent a textbook from Amazon for 3 months at the lower cost of $30.
  2. I sold three of my four remaining textbooks through Amazon’s Trade-In program for about $70.
  3. I had two shifts scheduled this week, but picked up an extra day and worked extended hours the first two days. My goal is to hit about 24-28 hours per week.
  4. I got free BBQ sauce and free chocolate covered pretzels from Kroger this week.
  5. We haven’t been getting many groceries this month, thanks to a bit of a pantry challenge. I am already under budget by about $100, with plans to only get a shipment from Green Bean next week of $70 in food.
  6. I plotted a post-graduate-school budget to account for increased working hours and income, decreased childcare costs (thanks to only one of our three needing it), and no more pesky tuition payments.  I plan on setting up an automatic transfer to coincide with my paychecks to cover all of our savings goals (Roths, vacation, new car, Christmas, gifts, summer camp).

Frugal Stumbles:

  1. We had plans to use our Discovery Garden pass, but it was storming, so we met friends at an indoor play area/bounce place. It was $24 for 3 kids. We’ve only been to places like that for birthday parties,and now I know why! The kids played for 2.5 hours and were dead tired when we were done.
  2. We followed up that play date with a trip to Wendy’s.  Our entertainment budget is out of control this month, and we have two weeks to go, including a short trip.

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