Frugal Steps and Stumbles


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Frugal Steps:

  1. I am selling my son’s old jeans on Ebay and already have a few bids.
  2. Our 6 year old has outgrown her beloved bike and her knees stick out like chicken wings when she rides it. We took her to Walmart three weeks ago to check which size works best for her next and discovered an 18″ bike is the proper fit. She REALLY wanted a Monster High bike, but we weren’t buying it full price. We told her we’d get whatever 18″ bike we could get at a garage sale, and she was fine with that. We were both thrilled today to see a Monster High 18″ bike posted on a FB garage sale for $45, half the cost of retail. It was a short drive to pick it up, but well worth it.
  3. I needed hiking boots with a high firm ankle support and found some Keens on Amazon for 69% off, and used $38 of a gift card to get them for about $31 out of pocket.
  4. I hit Crazy 8’s $8.88 jean sale, as I do every summer, to get my son slim jeans in the next size up (he’s less than 5% for weight). I buy 7 pairs in the same style and color, as he’s not a huge fan of change or in any way interested in fashion.
  5. I did a quick online research study and earned a $10 Amazon gift card.
  6. Our dryer is dying and has been repaired three times in the 12 years since we bought it. My husband watched a few YouTube videos and decided he can probably fix it himself with a $20 part.
  7. I transferred an extra $200 into my savings with my last paycheck.
  8. I worked like a maniac this week and got 28 hours under my belt.
  9. My aunt and uncle hosted a big party yesterday and the kids spent the entire day in their pool, in their bounce house, or going down the massive slip’n slide they constructed down a hill.

Frugal Stumbles

  1. I threw out several veggies from the veggie crisper that bit the dust.

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Steps and Stumbles

  • Congratulations on having way more steps than stumbles!

    1. Is there a “Buy Nothing” Facebook Group in your area? I live in a small town (4,000 people) and we have one. Great way to find playmates and share/receive items for FREE.

    4. Your son coined the term “minimalist/living simply”. Only one style of jeans, sounds perfect.

    5. Can I ask what company you did the online research study with?

    Besos Sarah.

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