Goal Update: Cash For School


Cash for school

I am halfway through my two current classes in my Masters of Nursing Education program, and that means it is time to pay for the next two classes.

I checked my account this morning, and we will owe $3881.67 . Ugh! This is almost $400 more than we expected to pay. All is not lost, however. Since we got a small windfall this month (about $3500) and a gift towards school expenses ($2000), we will be able to manage to max our 2015 Roths and pay for my tuition without depleting our emergency fund. I am very grateful I have been able to work a few days a month at my job so that we can continue to pay cash for grad school.

Our next payment is due in April, and I am going to assume it will be the same amount. If it is less, no worries. We will just add it to July’s tuition fund.

It’s going to get rather interesting the next few months, as my dental work will require $2000 up front in January, we have April tuition, and we need to start work on our fence in March/April. (The fence is a safety issue with our children, and we can’t put it off any longer).

Because my husband has done so well saving for the Roths from his salary, the little nest egg I have squirreled away is just about enough to cover my dental expenses without taking away from the fence and tuition savings we are squeezing from my husband’s salary.  I am incredibly glad that I chose to make savings automatic every month, and transferred $125 per pay check into my savings. I may make $1250-1500/month tops after paying a sitter, so $250/month is about 17-20% of my net pay.

I am going to push for my husband to finish the taxes and see if we owe or get anything back. I’m hoping for a little unexpected bonus this year. Do you hear that Universe? Because of the low number of work shifts, and increased costs of my implant and tuition, we won’t be able to put any extra on our mortgage this month. But tuition is paid!

I only have 2 work shifts booked so far in January, and it’s making me a little nervous. If there are no requests off from my team for me to cover, I am going to have to use the time to work on my side hustles. Let’s hope a few people I work with feel the need for a little relaxation time in the next two months!


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