Grocery Trips: 1st Week of February


This month we’re going to be doing a little grocery gymnastics. Every 6 months we hit Sam’s for a bulk food stock-up. There are many things we don’t buy at Sam’s, and just a few things we do. (Post coming later this week about why).

My goal is to spread out the cost of the Sam’s stock-up to ensure our food costs stay between $400-450 for the month.

How did I do for this first week?

Kroger haul: $67.45

Kroger had a rare digital coupon for lentils, which made this lentil-lover happy. I bought a pack of red lentils, since I was fresh out. The Sunny D single serve and Trident gum were freebies. Yes, Sunny D is nasty crap, but I figure I could put it by for a special treat in one of the kids’ lunches.

Brand-name Cheerios were significantly cheaper than at Sam’s and still cheaper than the Kroger brand this week. Yes, I whipped out my calculator to confirm in the store. I almost never buy pop, but I buy mini cans every 3 months to use when I pull an all-nighter writing a paper for school. With three kids, I’m afraid this happens at least twice a month. I hate coffee, so Coke is my preferred caffeinated poison.

2016-01-30 12.43.05

Sam’s: $106.02

I have everything I need for my party in three weeks, now that I have a giant hunk of cheese and juice boxes. I am hoping to milk those juice boxes through my son’s birthday in May plus most of the summer. It depends how many we go through at this month’s party.

My baking supplies are now stocked up. I didn’t have a single grain of sugar left in the house this morning. I buy brown, white, and powdered sugar at Sam’s, as well as cocoa, nuts, raisins, and certain spices that we go through very quickly. It’s cheaper to buy a giant thing of cumin than a new bottle every month. My Sam’s Club never carries dried beans, and I was so excited to see they now have 10 pounds bags of pinto beans at 55 cents per pound, that I snatched one up.

2016-01-30 12.50.53

Because my total was $106, every week this month, to absorb the cost of the Sam’s stock-up, I will have to spend only $73.50-$86/week.

With a first week of $67, I am sitting well!

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