Grocery Trips: 1st Week of March


The upside to doing a challenge in February is that it’s easier to feed us for less than $100 for the week. I am doing a little stocking up on a few deals. I have spent about $110, but we’ll be eating only about $80 of that this week.

Not pictured: Dorothy Lane Trip

My daughter wasn’t feeling well this week again. I hit Dorothy Lane and picked up cranberry juice and fudgecicles for $8.98.

Our daughter was fascinated by the giant log 'o beef.
Our daughter was fascinated by the giant log ‘o beef.

My mother called and said she can get 10 pounds of ground beef for $1.99/lb and asked if I wanted it. I said yes, and divided it into 10 freezer bags and froze for later.

Total: $19.90.

Kroger: $39.21

This is including $2 for an egg coloring kit. Apple juice was $1 each, so I bought five.

2016-02-27 12.53.21

Aldi: $42.27

2016-02-27 13.00.21

Total $110.36

This is a five week month, so my goal is $500 or less.

Running total: $110.36.

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