Grocery Trips: 2nd Week of February



$230 worth of stuff, $65.53 out of pocket and $30 in gift cards back

We are trying to transition the toddler into pull-ups. She is dressing herself and can get her pants up and down just fine, and has been sitting on the toddler potty. She just turned two, so we are just going to work on getting the pull-up on and off herself and hoping the rest comes naturally. Now, Target’s circular offers a $20 gift card with the purchase of 3 Pampers diapers. My store had a sign saying the Easy Ups were included, but the cashier had to call a manager to confirm. It sounded like they made a mistake, but they gave me the $20 gift card because the sign was posted. I paired the deal with a Cartwheel offer, Red Card discount, and several coupons I printed from Swagbucks.

This is our last baby, and I will be dancing a jig when I am no longer buying diapers! Our other daughter was potty-trained at 2 1/2, so I am hoping this one is like her sister.

The All detergent was on sale and I had multiple coupons as well. I got the $10 gift card back for buying four. I already had four bottles in my stockpile, but the deal was great and I had a gift card, so I went for it and bought four. I should have a year’s supply now and won’t be buying any for quite some time.

Finish was buy two get one free, so I bought the largest size and paired with coupons. I should now have a 9 months supply.

The rest is Clif bars, Up & Up version of Miralax (for one of the kiddos), Dove soap, Method hardwood floor cleaner, and several Meyer’s Clean Day hand soaps and all purpose cleaners (you can make your own with vinegar, but I am addicted to the scent of the Basil cleaner and the Geranium hand soap). I also bought the mother lode of Valentine’s Hershey Kisses and M & Ms by combining coupons and cartwheel offers. Most will be used to make school treats.

I am also trying to convince my husband to do without paper towels, except for greasy messes and bacon drainage that happens at most once a month. We were out, but he was complaining, so I bought a 12 pack of Target brand. I have plenty of rags and cloth napkins, and I figure if I use them and get my kids to use them, there will only be one paper towel user in the house. You win some, you lose some!

2016-02-03 12.00.39

Aldi: $31.31

I wasn’t planning on buying cereal, but the Aldi version of Honey Nut Cheerios was $1.19 on sale, which is well below my stock-up price of $1.50. Eggs were $0.99, with a limit of 4 cartons. I envision lots of egg meals in our future.

2016-02-06 10.42.29

Kroger:  $52.83

Those Snickers were a free download. I spent a little more than planned at Kroger too- my husband texted and begged for beer. I can’t deny that, can I? I bought some dips for next week’s party, and now all I will have to do is buy fresh fruit and veggies the day before the party.

2016-02-06 10.46.50

Food total: $84.14

If you remember, I’m trying to keep my grocery trips every week of February between $73.50-$86 in order to spread out the cost of my Sam’s stock-up and keep my monthly average between $400-450 for the month.

Last week I bought $67 worth of food, and this week I am just below the $86 high total.

Monthly running total: $257.61

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