Grocery Trips: 2nd Week of March


Aldi: $29.07

2016-03-05 14.22.40

Kroger: $63.48.

Star Wars Crest Toothpaste was on clearance for $0.90, so I scooped up 4 boxes. There was a free yogurt with cucumber/blueberry. Sounds gross to me, but it was free. We’ll see if the kids will eat it!

2016-03-05 14.29.26

Total: $92.55 , $88.95 of which was food.

Edited: Oops! I forgot about the other fancy dry mouth toothpaste that was $6.35. I spent $82.60 on food!

This is a five week month. My goal this month is $500 or less

Running total: $192.96

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