Grocery Trips: Last Week of February


Aldi: $29.81, including $1 for steeply discounted Avengers and Hello Kitty valentines

2016-02-19 11.11.04

Kroger: $17.93. This includes a $1 impulse purchase- popsicles for my daughter. All weekend, when she felt sick, she wanted a popsicle, and we didn’t have any. Now I’m prepared!

2016-02-19 11.17.54

Total: $47.74

I needed to spend $48.36-$73.36 this week to stay on target.

Total for February: $399.38, including that big Sam’s stock-up!

I am starting out this week with an overflowing pantry and fridge. I didn’t make any real dinners until yesterday, because my husband’s virus lingered all week. This week I will need to make sure all of the perishable fruits and veggies get eaten up.

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