June Budget Forecast


MAY Budget

How did we do with our May budget?

Thumbs up:

  • We did do a cookout for our families after our daughter’s dance recital and kept it within our monthly grocery money total.
  • I was able to pick up 5 work days. I hoped for more but it wasn’t in the cards!
  • I signed our daughter up for gymnastics with nothing extra out of pocket, thanks to a credit on our account from the fall.
  • Our son chose something other than pizza for his birthday dinner, so no extra cost!
  • The mister installed our new toilet himself, saving us hundreds in labor costs, especially considering all the extra work he had to do to the pipes once he got in there and looked.
  • I was able to save $250 despite the low number of shifts, and just barely did.
  • Dance class and preschool expenses are officially gone. Woot!

Thumbs down:

  • We started the two older kids at Aquatots for swimming. It’s going great thanks to low ratios. It is- gulp-$300/month though, and it’s probably going to take longer than the summer for them to be proficient enough to be safe. Did you know swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning in children by 88%? We consider this a safety issue, so we are willing to take the hit in the short term. The good news is they are doing well enough that we don’t see a need for semi-private or private lessons, which are more expensive.

How in June looking?

  • I anticipate I will be spending more in gas over the summer since we are driving more for our “field trips” and to visit family an hour south. During the school year, I was only filling my tank once per month, and I already have had to fill it within 14 days of my last fill. This will probably mean $50 more a month. I am trying to earn as many Kroger fuel points as possible and using my credit card that offers more cash back for gas purchases.
  • I have a LOT of work shifts scheduled- 12- plus a few extra hours for meetings and training. This means I earn more but also means my child care costs are greater, especially since our oldest is not in school. I anticipate spending $785 in child care, my highest spending since I stopped working full time last year.
  • The extra work means I might be able to save a little extra in my 2016 Roth fund. I hope to put away $750 instead of $250 if I can.
  • It’s graduation season, and that means we will have some graduation gifts to give. We are giving cash, so that means a little cash will need to be flowing out. I anticipate $100.
  • I am spending the majority of my “fun” money on fun for the kids over the summer. We spent about $50 at the amusement park last weekend, and my sister and I will take my son to see Finding Dory next week.
  • The mister and I aren’t planning for anything other than an in-home $10 date night this month. We will have a fancy date with friends in late August, so are keeping it low key until then. Since we will be eating mostly vegetarian this month, I am planning on making a meat dish of pan fried pork chops and a juicy pie made with summer peaches.
  • I’m not going to plan any other costly “field trip” days this month, so it will be play dates, the neighborhood pool, a sleepover, and the sprinkler parks for us this month.
  • We had pizza once already last week, so we will not have any more eating out until our son’s sleepover party at the end of June. This is one of my biggest speed bumps, so that’s why I’m putting this out there. Feel free to side-eye me if I break.
  • We have three medical appointments, so that is $75 out of pocket.
  • The mister will have to travel out of town for a week, so that means the cost of meals out, parking at the airport in long-term parking, and plane tickets.

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2 thoughts on “June Budget Forecast

  • I really love reading your real life wins with money, and how honest you are with the areas you may not have done as well. Thanks for keeping it real!

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