Make A Plan: One Week at a Time



Make a plan, then make that plan happen.

Here’s my plan for this week:


Four pieces of class work due by Saturday at midnight.  One piece is group work and I am dependent on a partner, so I won’t be able to fully complete until Saturday morning.  Another assignment is easy- HIPAA and confidentiality forms. I already did those on Sunday. I worked ahead and completed the other two assignments on Monday, so I only have to worry about the group work.

I have to submit more completed assignments with an explanation of how they meet my master’s requirements to my school. I submitted my resume last week as the first assignment. This week I need to submit a second assignment I completed in my first master’s class. I am doing this Sunday.


I picked up a a half shift for Wednesday and two full shifts on Thursday and Friday. If our volume is high, I could end up working later. I am repeating from last week: Dinner Plan A is throwing potatoes in the oven at 4 o’clock. Plan B is bologna or cheese sandwiches. No takeout!


This week we have: Cub scouts, dance, and one doctor appointment. I have to return videos to the library by Friday.


On Saturday afternoon, I am planning an at-home date night. I planned a tea party menu and am trialing an old fashioned sugar cake in our cast iron pan. We’ll then watch a movie from the library.



I didn’t post anything on Ebay last week as I planned. I don’t think I will be doing that this week, thanks to my work schedule.

I have the usual chores: bathroom, mopping, pester children to do chores, laundry. Spring is coming and I need to look at 3T clothes in the basement for the toddler.

I will have to plan a menu, plan my grocery run, and hit the stores on Saturday morning. I will probably do the planning tomorrow.


I pre-write and schedule posts as much as I can. I wrote five posts on Sunday. I just need to continue to add to my ongoing Frugal Steps and Stumbles.

I have a few upkeep things I need to do as well, like add a blogroll page. This is still leftover from last week! I have been procrastinating on this for weeks.

I never got around to working on the hosting for my second website I am planning. I hope to finally get to that Sunday. Because my husband was still sick all week, I didn’t have as much time and it got kicked to the bottom of the triage list.


If I don’t schedule it in, it will never happen. I walk almost every day on my treadmill desk without fail. I plan on getting up and hitting the treadmill desk every morning like I usually do, and lift weights while watching TV during the evening Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I made it happen every day last week and lost 2.5 pounds.

I get massage therapy for my arthritis every other week, and this is my week on. Yippee!


Friday evening is family movie night. Saturday night we plan on repeating that, since it’s a rare unplanned weekend. Sunday is designated for doing enjoyable things, like writing. I have been taking time to read every night after I put the girls to bed. I just finished reading the book The Source (a fun story about a family of witches in Savannah), and now I have started reading Orange Is the New Black.  This is the book the TV show is based on, and I am finding it very interesting to read about the real stories of Red, Big Boo, and other characters on the show. Let’s just say, the show embellishes the book a bit, but the real stories are just as interesting and heartbreaking.

What’s your plan for your week?

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