Make A Plan: One Week At A Time



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Make a plan, then make that plan happen.

Here’s my plan for this week:


Six pieces of class work due by Saturday at midnight.  I work Thursday/Friday, so it will have to be mostly completed Monday through Wednesday

I have to submit more completed assignments with an explanation of how they meet my master’s requirements to my school. I submitted two so far and will need to do another this week. I am doing this Sunday once again.


I picked up a shifts on Thursday and Friday. That means dinner plans are simple and easy.


This week we have: Cub scouts, dance, and an evening meeting for parents of next year’s kindergarten class. I have to return videos to the library by Saturday, and will pick up new ones when I go. This week we watched the Theory of Everything, Terminator: Genisys, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Spring is around the corner, and I have a new Pinterest board with my spring bucket list. I want to do this blue bird craft with the girls this week. We may have a few days in the high 50s this week, which means I’ll let them do water play on the deck.

For Saturday afternoon, I gave my ticket to see Newsies to my sister and will be finishing up my week’s homework. I’m going to try a couple new dishes, including lemon bars for dessert. We’ll then watch a movie from the library.


Last week I purged my daughters’ clothes (they really have too many). I am doing the same with shoes, and have posted a few pairs on Ebay. I am getting quite the paper pile on my desk, and need to tackle that task too. I hope to take a load of books to Half Price Books or try selling some on Amazon this week as well, depending on how quickly I work through my homework.

I will have to plan a menu, plan my grocery run, hit the library, and hit the stores on Saturday morning. 


I pre-write and schedule posts as much as I can. I wrote five posts on Sunday. I just need to continue to add to my ongoing Frugal Steps and Stumbles.

Good news! I now have a blogroll page. Feel free to check it out. I use feedly to manage my blog subscriptions, and I’ve listed most of the finance blogs I read regularly.

I never got around to working on the hosting for my second website I am planning. I messed up and forgot that I had work due in both my classes, until one of my classmates mentioned it. Cue some major scrambling and a couple late nights getting it done. We’ll see how this week goes.


If I don’t schedule it in, it will never happen. I walk almost every day on my treadmill desk without fail. I plan on getting up and hitting the treadmill desk every morning like I usually do, and lift weights while watching TV during the evening Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I made it happen every day last week and lost another 1.5 pounds.


Friday evening is family movie night as usual. Saturday night we plan on repeating that, since it’s yet another rare unplanned weekend, and my school work load this session is especially heavy.

I’ve not been very good giving myself some winding down time every night, though I did finish my book. I have been snapping awake at 4 am every morning, so I’ve decided to try and wind down with something more peaceful. I’ve practiced Buddhist meditation for over 20 years, and I a have started rereading a favorite, Awakening The Buddha Within, right before bed.

What’s your plan for your week?

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