Make A Plan: One Week At A Time



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Make a plan, then make that plan happen.

Here’s my plan for this week:


  • Six pieces of class work due by Saturday at midnight.  I work Monday, so I did a little on Sunday, and am trying to get everything done before Saturday. I don’t want to be up til midnight again like this past Saturday


  • I picked up a a shift on Monday and planned a slow cooker meal to avoid the need to eat out.


  • Cub scouts
  • Dental appointment with all three kids (help!) followed by kindergarten registration for Miss E .
  • One medical appointment
  • Dance class
  • Miss E and I see a show at the Victoria Saturday
  • It’s supposed to be beautiful this week, with temps up to 70 even. I want to hit the park at least once and do water play on the deck.



  • If the house stays cleans, the laundry gets done, and the floor gets swept and mopped this week, I am calling it a win.
  • I need to find out the process for requesting approval of our intended play set from our homeowner’s association.
  • I have a few things I want to post on Ebay.



  • I went through a couple chapters of Elite Blog Academy over the past week, took notes, and need to start working on implementing a few things. I’m going to try working on one per week.
  • I have a couple posts to write.



  • I have massage therapy this week.
  • I plan on walking on the treadmill 6 days this week.


  • It’s my birthday this week! I have one appointment on my birthday, but the girls will be at the sitter’s and the boy at school. I signed up for a few birthday freebies and plan on hitting First Watch for a free entree, Arby’s for a free sandwich, use a $10 off coupon at Kohl’s (no minimum purchase), and then will make a nice dinner with bacon (one of the few meats I like), my favorite cookies, and a soup I want to try. Otherwise I am having a day “off”, with no planned school work, blog work, or house work. I’m going to watch the copy of Mr Holmes I borrowed from the library and do some reading.
  • I am reading Playborhood, a book I got through the inter-library loan service. My husband and I are always complaining that kids don’t run around the neighborhood and knock on each others’ doors anymore. It’s about getting your kids to “spend less time in front of screens and in adult-supervised activities, and more time engaging in joyful neighborhood play.”
  • On Sunday we are eating at the Olive Garden with an aunt, and I have my birthday coupon for a free dessert.
  • If you are interested in birthday freebies, there are a million more places you can sign up. I usually use this list from the Frugal Girls. I don’t need to sign up for more though- I have plenty of extra calories already from the ones I have.


What’s your plan for your week?

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