Make A Plan: One Week At A Time



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Make a plan, then make that plan happen.

Here’s my plan for this week:


  • Four pieces of class work due by Saturday at midnight, including a group PowerPoint presentation.  I work three days this week, so I did one assignment on Sunday to work ahead.  My girls are at the sitter Thursday so we can go to an appointment, and my mother comes over Wednesday when I am off, so I will get the majority of what I have to do done on those days.
  • I have to prep one assignment for my master’s portfolio and will do that next Sunday. I have submitted three of seven that are due by April 14th, so this is basically one extra paper per week until then. Yay?
  • I have everything I need to submit for a scholarship, except I am waiting on one last recommendation from my manager. As soon as that comes in, I will submit. I am going to spend Saturday morning at the library finding more that I can submit.


  • I picked up three shifts this week, which will be great come payday, but is a little rough with grad school work, and a little hard on the girls. Three 8-hour shifts are my max in one week. Honestly, I prefer one or two days per week.



  • I am going to spend Saturday afternoon in the kitchen going through the lengthy process of making homemade pierogies and a fancy cake for my husband’s birthday.
  • I haven’t touched our landscaping in a few years and want to plant a few more things and mulch. This week’s step is to do some planning and decide what I want to plant and when.
  • I found out the process for requesting approval of our intended play set from our homeowner’s association, and I am still waiting for them to send me the paperwork I need!.


  • I have one extra post to write this week.


  • I plan on walking on the treadmill 6 days this week.
  • I should lift weights, but with all the work shifts I will be lucky to get 1-2 days in.
  • I have massage therapy this week.


  • I am going to watch the 2nd DVD set of Outlander Season One. I didn’t watch any last week. I just couldn’t stay awake past 9! I will watch them on my lunch breaks from work.
  • I am still eagerly awaiting the next available library copy of Rosemary (about the Kennedy daughter who was institutionalized for years). This week I am reading The Passive Income Book, a book about how to grow multiple streams of passive income.


What’s your plan for your week?

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