Minding The Details: How To Search For Coupons


MInding Details

Now that we know in the short term we will have to be buying some liquid nutrition products for one of our children, I have been hunting around to find ways to reduce those costs.

Because I shared our experience on my blog,  my friend Jenn reached our today and offered me some leftover cans of Pediasure they no longer need. It was much appreciated! Thanks Jenn!

I keep our weekly Smartsource and Red Plum coupons in binders, so I have quick and easy access, should I need one. Each type has its own binder, and I staple each insert, write its date on the top page, and file by month.

Now, there is no way I have time to search through every coupon in these binders to try and find one for Ensure. Luckily, someone else has done the work, and there are plenty of coupon databases you can use on the internet. My go-to database belongs to the Money Saving Mom site.  I like this database because it will show not only newspaper coupons, but any ones available to print on the internet.

There are other databases, so you may want to bookmark a few and check more than one, in case someone found another source your primary database missed.

When I checked, I found there is a Smartsource coupon from 10/4/15 for $2 off 2 multipacks, as well as a $3 off 2 printable from the manufacturer’s website.

I was able to print off 2 coupons from the manufacturer, and put out a call to friends to see if any fellow couponers have extra coupons from 10/4.  Sharing with friends is a great way to get extra coupons- just be sure to return the favor in the future!

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