Minding The Details: Pioneer Day Cornbread for $0.90


MInding Details

My son is in second grade, and is in public school. We go through the same holiday activities and special class events that you have in any school. My mother always had to work when I was a kid and usually couldn’t volunteer as a room mother, so it’s important to me, now that I am home, to volunteer for school activities whenever I can.

For Halloween, I volunteered to bring the food for the class party, and that meant juice boxes, treat bags (I chose small goldfish packs, candy corn, and Halloween Oreos), and clementine oranges with celery stems to look like pumpkins. I was able to divide one pack of Oreos, half a bag of candy corn, and a large bag of goldfish among 22 kids. Everyone got goldfish, and some bags had cookies and other candy corn, so kids could choose the treat.

2015-10-30 13.10.24

I was able to get the treat bags, plates, and napkins that morning for 70% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and juice boxes were buy two get one free at Target. I also spent $5  on green tape and googly eyes to make some Frankenstein juice boxes. I have a ton of tape and eyes left over, so I think it will last another 3 or 4 Halloweens.

2015-10-30 11.45.12

2015-10-30 13.42.54

I probably spent about $30 on feeding the class that day.  I am happy the kids loved it, but I do not want to drop a wad of cash like that this month, especially since in the past two days, we’ve paid $700 in medical bills.

We got a notice in the home folder this week that the kids will be having Pioneer Days right before Thanksgiving.  The kids are encouraged to dress up, but I shouldn’t need to spend anything on dressing up: we will send the boy in jeans, dad’s suspenders, a flannel, and boots.

The kids will also have a “Pioneer Feast”, and the class needs parent volunteers to provide the feast. They are asking for apple juice boxes, corn bread, apples, beef jerky, beef stew (Dinty Moore Beef Stew- ew!), plus pie tins and forks as tableware. They need enough for 25.

I emailed as soon as I got the letter and volunteered to make corn bread. I will need to make three 9 x 9 pans to serve 25 pieces, and if I use this recipe from Fake-It Frugal, it will only cost me $0.90 of ingredients in my pantry to make it!

If you want to try another one of her recipes, I have used her dairy-free scratch brownie mix for years (a 9 x 9 pan is $0.30), and have always gotten compliments.

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