Our Garage Sale Experience: Part III

Garage Sale

Our garage sale was held Saturday and I thought I would share our experience, including what worked and what didn’t work.

The Good

  • We made $140.
  • We cleared out all of the baby things that took up a large portion of our basement. Yep, done having babies!
  • We got rid of wedding gifts we have never opened from their package and never used in our home. This is one of the reasons I like to give cash as a gift.
  • My son earned $1 per hour for helping me and learned the value of working for his fun money. He was able to earn $5 towards a video game he wants.
  • People saw our Disney sign and offered to donate towards it without buying anything. It was very sweet.

The Myeh

  • It was freezing cold and raining, so we had fewer people than expected.
  • We didn’t grill our hot dogs because of the rain.
  • I probably should have checked the value of a few things on Ebay before trying to sell, including these Lenox porcelain cat spice jars that belonged to my husband’s late aunt. We didn’t sell them at the sale, but they are worth $12-25 each, and we have 22 of the set. We were going to sell them for $3!

2016-05-01 18.00.58

The Bad

  • I baked all four dozen cinnamon rolls in the morning, but should have waited to bake them one dozen at a time. We only sold about a dozen, and have had to eat through the rest. We only sold a few bottles of water.
  • It took at least 4 hours of work the night before to get ready, plus an hour in the morning. I the  sat out in the garage for 7 hours. Our hourly rate was just under $13/hour. I make an awful lot more per hour as a nurse.
  • I froze my behind off!
  • No one wanted my husband’s and sister-in-law’s 30 year old skis.

In the future, I will not choose to work a shift before the day of a garage sale, and I will check Ebay for higher value items. We probably only sold 1/3 of our stash, but we did get rid of some big things that were taking up room. All the extras are going to Goodwill!

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