Planning Ahead to Succeed: October 2016 Budget Outlook

MAY Budget

How did we do with our September budget?


  • I worked 14 shifts. It was horrible and unsustainable, but the paychecks were very, very nice. I did my first weekend shift and they shut down our system for maintenance for most of one day, so I had to hire a sitter anyway. I was told they can’t guarantee not doing it in the future, so I told them I will work one more weekend and that is it. Saving sitter money was the only benefit of working Saturday/Sunday.
  • We came under the $400 grocery budget.
  • We spent $705 in child care. More work equals more child care. It’s still a LOT less than the $2500/month we used to pay for three kids in full time care.
  • I earned $75 for doing a research study, which I used for groceries.
  • Several family members bought popcorn and donated to our son’s cub scout troop.
  • We used gifts from my stockpile for a birthday.
  • I put $700 in my Roth account. Woot!
  • We haven’t had the driveway lifted yet. We finally learned yesterday insurance will pay for a new roof!!! There is depreciation, so we will have to pay a little ourselves.We knew we would need a new roof in 2-3 years even before the tree fell on our house, so even though this has been a huge pain, it is a positive.
  • I only bought gas for the van once to account for my regular non-vacation trips.
  • I earned about $0.44 through Google Ad Sense. Whoo hoo? I won’t see any of that until I reach the threshold though. I worked more so I posted less. I earned $1.92 through Amazon, but I still won’t see that yet.
  • We paid cash for my grad school tuition. We have only one payment left!!!


  • We spent $433.77 in medical expenses, which includes the twice monthly massage therapy I get for my arthritis.
  • We had our first weekend alone in 5 years and went to a Star Trek convention. We spent about$1000. We budgeted for it, but dropping a grand is hard for us.
  • Entertainment spending was crazy high at $150. We’ve got to put the kibosh on it this month.
  • Our son destroyed his shoes (he drags his toes), and the sole came completely away from the upper on his cheap Amazon shoes. The toes were showing through too. We went out and bought new better quality shoes for $55 on sale.
  • We finally bought our son a cub scout uniform. The used market is not great, and it was $100.

How is October looking?

  • My phone is circling the drain and any day I expect it to blow up in my face. I convinced my husband to try something other than an expensive phone and staying on our $100/month T-Mobile plan. I am getting a $249 Nexus 5X and trying Google Project Fi. I am signing up for 1 GB of data only, so a $20 base price and $10 of data per month. I am almost always home to use our wireless, and plan on getting reimbursed for that $10 of data as much as possible every month. I hope to save $25 or more every month.  If it works OK for me, my husband will switch too, as his phone is compatible. Paying $100/month for cell phones is just crazy.
  • Our roofer comes today and we find out how much we will be paying towards our roof. We have a problem over our morning room every winter with ice dams and leaking, even with heat cables. We will probably pay a little more for a leak-proof roof. Estimate: $1000-2000 out of pocket.
  • I picked up quite a few shifts, but they are starting to cancel some. I am keeping the sitter those days anyway, however, to work on things due for school as well as some writing work. I should have 8 shifts minimum.
  • I plan on putting $250 towards my Roth.
  • I filled my gas tank this past weekend and hope to milk it for a full month. It was $30.
  • My kindergartener has joined Girl Scouts and I am volunteering as one of three troop leaders. I have made a Pinterest board with frugal girl scout ideas. I will have to buy a uniform smock or vest (around $20) and pay about $30 in dues.
  • I anticipate $210 in office copays , $50 in medication copays, and $20 of OTC meds. I learned I have a hypothyroid this past week (thank you wayward immune system!), so it’s a new monthly medicine and a few extra visits/labs over the next few months.
  • Christmas: I am done with shopping for our kids/niece except for the big ticket item we are buying- an Xbox for the kids to share. We’ll also have cash gifts for the teens, my parents, a gift for my in-laws, and flowers for my best friend. I’m looking for a free photo calendar deal right now. I think I will be doing Vistaprint postcards this year for our cards.
  • I am buying food for the PTO’s staff appreciation this month and we may do Pizza for the PTO one day.
  • The mister and I have one date at a German/Hungarian restaurant- maybe $60?
  • I am making cupcakes from scratch for Halloween parties from ingredients we already have.
  • We are going to the local pumpkin patch that does not charge to get in, and spending $10 or less on pumpkins.
  • We are going to the local Renaissance Festival and have already bought half price tickets through a deal. We’ll have to pay for parking ($5?). We’ll probably pay for some kid games ($20), but will bring our food and water and say a big NO to purchasing anything.
  • This month is Halloween. We have leftover stickers we bought three years ago, and will be buying 360 Tootsie Rolls from Oriental Trading for $8.99.

What are you doing to meet your goals?

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  • Your Google adword income is better than mine!!! I don’t do much budgetting now a days. But, before spending on a thing, I always ask myself, is it necessary? That really works.

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