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(Disclosure: This post contains referral links. I do get commission for every sign-up completed through the link, however you are not obligated  to sign up for anything. All earnings from this blog support our family in reaching our goals and , as always, we remain grateful to our readers just for stopping by!)

Although I do work part-time to supplement my husband’s income, I am always looking for a little extra to put into my retirement nest egg and save for the Great House Overhaul (new roof, windows, HVAC, and fence). Sometimes that means selling my kids’ outgrown clothing and toys, doing some freelance writing work, or picking up an extra shift at the last minute.

About 5 months ago, my friend Diane told me about doing online research studies through 2020 Research. She was happy with the time commitment and the pay, so I thought I would try it myself. Since August, I have done two studies, one that earned me $125 and one that earned $75. Each took a couple hours online over the course of a few days, and the Visa gift card payment was prompt. I used the gift cards to buy groceries, and put the amount I saved in my savings account.

2020 is a qualitative research firm. This is not like Swagbucks, where you can take surveys in exchange for bucks. Participants are sent brief surveys via email to find matches for each study. If you qualify for a study, and are invited to participate, you will receive a call from a recruiter offering a place on the study.

The studies are online, usually requiring you to answer a certain number of questions over several days. (Note: some of my studies required recording my answer via webcam for one or two questions.) Studies typically pay between $50-$350. I have done studies asking my opinion about flu vaccines and investments. My friend Bridget did a study about shower heads.

They have a FAQ if you have additional questions. Please note, if you live in Charlotte, N.C., Miami, or Nashville, you will be asked to complete your studies in office rather than online.

If you are looking for a little side gig to pay down debt or build your nest egg, this is certainly an easy way to go. You can access their sign up page through my referral link here. For those who sign up this fall, you will also be entered into into their Fall New Member Drawing to possibly win $250.

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