Frugal Food Adventures: Bean and Zucchini Cutlets

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I know there are a lot of bean haters out there. I was once one of you. Not to call my mom out, but the only edible bean dish she could make was baked beans, and I never got the chance to enjoy really well made bean and lentil dishes until I was a vegetarian living on my own in college.

One of my goals is to get you to try some bean dishes. Beans and legumes are a cheap source of protein and in general good for you (though I do know some of you can’t have them for medical reasons, because of needing a low residue diet. You can just enjoy the pretty pictures and ignore).

For those of you who have been scarred for life after poorly made childhood bean meals, or just find them icky, I suggest trying this recipe for Bean and Zucchini Cutlets. It comes from the site Sandra Vungi Vegan. She is an Estonian blogger, and I have been making quite a few of her recipes lately, as I am a huge lentil lover and she has a fair number of lentil recipes on her blog. She does have a book out in English called Vegan Dinner Party as well.

These cutlets are vegan and only have a few ingredients. Don’t be put off by the word vegan either. Just think of them as a fresh veggie and bean dish with fresh herbs and seasonings, made with whole foods.

We are not curry fans, so I switched it up and used a 1/4 tsp Lawry’s Seasoned Salt (everything tastes good with that stuff!), a teaspoon minced garlic, only one onion, and a handful each of fresh cilantro and fresh parsley.

2016-01-05 18.06.02


Yes, there was a lot of green stuff in them. My kids love green stuff, so they were cool with it. They held together well despite having no egg.

I served them with pan-roasted Brussels sprouts and a quick mustard-caper sauce from the book The Veganomicon. I highly recommend the book for easy vegetarian recipes. We’ve tried many of the recipes and haven’t gotten a bad one yet.

2016-01-05 18.54.23

Yes, my husband and kids LOVED this. All my children are used to lots of veggies, and they ask me to make Brussels sprouts. My 5 year old daughter kept asking for more mustard-caper sauce.

So, who is going to try a bean dish this week? What are you making?