Black Friday Online Deals


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We were up all night last night, but it was with our two year old, who is dealing with both a sinus infection and strep throat, not camping out in front of a store. The day before Thanksgiving, she developed a fever and wouldn’t even drink her milk, so I sat with her at the pediatric urgent care for a few hours. The other kids weren’t feeling that great, and the mister and I were still getting over a virus, so we canceled on Thanksgiving plans and stayed home.

Even if we hadn’t been felled by The Plague, I still would not have willingly stepped foot into a store today. I know some of you may enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but Black Friday has everything I hate: staying up all night, waiting in lines, hanging out in the cold, huge crowds, jostling, and going to malls.

Shopping online, on the other hand, has everything I like: staying in my home, enjoying a cup of tea, the ability to check out reviews first, stacking coupon codes and rebates,  no crowds, no weather, no fights between crazy people who are way too excited about shopping.

A few deals for today


This year, we planned on a big ticket item for the kids. Our almost nine-year-old son has begged for a video game system for years. We decided to go for it this year, and bought an Xbox One S with Minecraft bundle for $249, and  a Kinect for $97.

I have been thinking about buying a sewing machine for over a year, and decided to take advantage of a Black Friday deal to get this cute retro-inspired Singer for 40% off.   Now that my four years of schooling are nearly at an end, and my youngest child is turning three, I am resuming my hobbies. I can knit and crochet, and I have made a couple of quilts before. I’d like to improve upon my skills, and teach my children these skills too.

I also decided to take the plunge on an Instant Pot 7 in One. It’s part pressure cooker and part slow cooker. I use my slow cookers constantly, and often will have both going at the same time. I make rice in them, yogurt, make beans from dried, and cook meals in them. We have limited storage space, and my hope is to retire the slow cookers and just use one Instant Pot. It’s $69 on Amazon today, instead of the usual $129.

There is a huge and lively Instant Pot Facebook group with a lot of great ideas. I hear that you can pull out your freezer meals and get them cooked from frozen within an hour. This is perfect for me, as I am the queen of forgetfulness and often forget to defrost, get the rice in the slow cooker on time, or get things loaded into a slow cooker before noon.

Eye Buy Direct

Use the code BOGO and get one pair of glasses free when you buy one

If you have never shopped with them before, sign up with my link and you’ll get a $10 off coupon code!


If you wanted to start a blog or website, this is a great time to purchase your hosting services. Set up a new 36-month account and it will only cost you $2.65/month.


Ebates is a rebate program, but they have their own Black Friday deals. Most retailers are offering a significantly high amount of cash back this today. Sign up for the first time, and get $10 extra cash back after the fist time you shop.

LL Bean

We like LL Bean because of its quality and its lifetime guarantee. It almost never has the kind of sales you see in department stores. If you use the code THANKS20 you will get 20% off a purchase of $50 or more both in store and online. Pair it with Ebates and today you will get an extra 4% cash back. If you stick to their clearance items, you can get some things at a great price! is a place where you can buy gift cards at a discount. Today only, get an extra 5% off if you use the code RAISEBF. I use discounted gift cards to increase my percentage off at stores by combining the discounted gift card with sales and coupon codes. Today I paired a 1800Flowers gift card I bought on with 10% Ebates cash back and a 1800Flowers sale.


BeFrugal is a cashback program similar to Ebates. They offer differing amounts for the same retailers, so it pays to check both to see who is offering more back. For example, today Ebates is offering 10% cash back for 1800Flowers and BeFrugal is offering 6%, so I opted for Ebates. However, BeFrugal is offering 12.5% cash back for Amazon, so I opted for them. If you haven’t tried them, you can sign up through my link and get $10 bonus cash after your first purchase.


Kohls offers $15 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent both in store and online.


TopCashback is yet another cashback site, similar to Ebates and BeFrugal. You now have three places to check for the highest amount of cashback! Like the other two, sign up for the first time and get a $10 bonus after your first $10 or more cashback accrual. They are offering cash back on sites like Verizon,, and Travelocity, along with the usual retailers.


I usually use the Ibotta app to get rebates at the pharmacy or grocery store, but if you are braving the crowds today, don’t forget to check and see if you can get a little extra rebate for your purchases. Best Buy, Gap, OldNavy, Jo-Ann Fabrics, AEO, Game Stop, Hallmark, and Famous Footwear all offer rebates through this app. Sign up today and redeem a rebate within two weeks, and you’ll get a bonus $10 cash back!


If you decided to go out today, this is the perfect day to take advantage of that Shopkick app! Most major stores are offering walk-in kicks, and a day of power shopping could possibly earn you 1000 kicks or more. Every $500 kicks gets a $2 gift card, so you might as well take advantage of it!


This is a great time to take advantage of a local deal through Groupon. Ebates is offering 10% cash back for local deals on Groupon. If you have never used Groupon before, you get to use an extra coupon code (HEYTHERE) to get another 25% off your deal.

I know it sounds complicated, so here is an example if you have never used both Groupon and Ebates before.

Sign up for Groupon but do not add anything to your cart yet.

Sign up for Ebates. Enter Groupon‘s site through Ebates‘ link. This will ensure you get your cash back.

Log in to Groupon. Find your local deal through Groupon, put it in your cart, and pay for it.

Once your purchase is complete, Ebates acknowledges it and shows your cash back accrual. Once every 4 months, you’ll get a check with all the cash back your have accrued.

Have you gotten any great deals today?