Choose One Thing: Back Off The Heat

Choose One Thing

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It’s been two weeks since I started my campaign of frozen terror. I tried a “back off the heat” challenge about four years ago, and lasted only  a few days before it really started to bother my arthritis.

The surprise this time is that my husband has started to complain that it’s too cold in the house. We’ve ended up bumping it up a notch to 68-70 instead of 66, and though I am still wearing a sweater and LL Bean slippers around the house, I am comfortable.

I am considering trying to kick it back down a notch at night, though. We have a faux down comforter packed away (can’t do real down due to allergies) and I am pulling that out and pairing it with our flannel sheets and mattress warmer. It will be a little brisk getting out of bed in the morning, but I think we can swing a full 12 hours of extra frigid over night to keep our heating costs down, if it means I am more comfortable during the day.

Yes, I envy you people with a warm metabolism.