Our Garage Sale Plan: Check-In

Garage Sale

About a month ago I wrote about our plan to hold our first garage sale to hopefully earn some money for our 2017 Disney trip while getting rid of a lot of stuff.

This Saturday is the sate of our sale, and I wanted to give an update on my plotting and planning.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I picked up three shifts for this week, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Yes, that’s the three days before the sale. I don’t have much choice about the days I work, though, as I work on days my coworkers take off, and I need to earn something to avoid decreasing our savings rate. It’s just going to be a couple late nights!

Monday I took the toddler to Hobby Lobby while the older two were in school and bought price stickers and poster board. Yesterday, I decorated those boards and priced most of what I had stashed in the garage sale pile.

I also am planning to sell food and drinks. I have two cases of water from Aldi and a huge pack of Aldi hot dogs. I have made and frozen two dozen batches of cinnamon rolls, and will make and freeze two more batches before Saturday. Friday I will bake oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle cookies and run to Aldi after work to buy hot dog buns and to Kroger to buy ice for the cooler.

We are going to move our garage sale pile to the garage tonight and pull that and the tables out at the crack of dawn Saturday. I plan on being out there by 6:30 for the early birds. My husband will start grilling hot dogs at 11 while my sister watches the kids.

I am going to drag the water table to the front yard and duct tape long skinny tubes of bubbles to the tree out front to give the kids something to do.

I also decided to print out business cards for my blog to hand out to customers. Wish us luck!