40 Goals For 2017: Week 3

I’m keeping myself accountable this year by tracking my progress on my 40 Goals for 2017 every week. 

Week Three


  1. Max Roth IRAs for the mister and I: $11000. We’ll see where we are end of month.
  2. Cash flow 4 months of swim lessons at Aquatots for our son and older daughter: $1200. This will start in late May.
  3. Save $3000 for HVAC replacement. Not yet.
  4. Save $4000 towards the mister’s car replacement fund. Not yet.
  5. Save $1050 for Christmas. Not yet.
  6. Save $1800 for outdoor playset. Week three and we are already scratching this! We ordered a new toilet for our upstairs bath, and the mister will be installing it himself.  We are still letting every layer in that ceiling air out, and our dehumidifier has been working overtime. Sometime in the next couple of weeks we will start getting estimates, once the toilet is here and the mister has replaced it. Of course, Murphy called again this week and we had to replace all four tires on the van. That was $1300. We have another issue that has come up and we’re not sure we’ll be in this house long-term. We’re shelving this completely.
  7. Save $750 towards next year’s 2018 family vacation and $ 750 towards my 2018 40th birthday trip ($125/month). We had a garage sale last year and I put the cash in a box,and that box seems to have gotten tucked away in a drawer. I found it while cleaning this week. We have $113 in there that I am putting towards our vacation fund.
  8. Spend $500/mo or less on groceries and $100/mo or less on entertainmentI spent $134.28 for groceries out of my $500/month budget this week.  I will get a $0.25 Ibotta rebate that will get tucked away and eventually added to my Roth IRA fund. Why bother fussing with those rebates? Just $5 per week adds up to $260 to add to my fund by the end of the year. That’s about 5% of what I need to save to max my Roth.  As far as entertainment, we spent $9.50 on Bill’s Donuts.
  9. Finally roll over one of my 401Ks. Not this week!
  10. Give: 5 hours of volunteer time and $50/mo. So far, I have given 90 minutes of my time to the Girl Scouts. We have one more meeting, plus a field trip to the police station this month. We had an ice storm and I cancelled my Gifted Children’s Association meeting.  I donated $35 towards cancer research beyond what I give monthly to sponsor a child, so my giving goal is met. I am donating our Pack’n Play to a young mother at a local foster program we support, and I donated one of my Broadway Series tickets to charity, as I wasn’t too keen on seeing The Little Mermaid.


  1. Complete my master’s degree! I was up until 10 last night completing the last of my homework for this class session. Today is a new week, and we have a break!  I will have to head to Indiana University East to do a few things to be ready to start clinical next week, so my mother will hold down the homestead. I will have to email IT at my school to get myself added to one of the classes I am teaching, but other than these things I can take a break. Next week begins a busy 10 weeks of student teaching.
  2. One date per month with the mister. Impromptu Chik-Fil-A date. Check!
  3. Read 1 book/month. I am going to indulge this week. I have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and intend to read both if I can. I got both for free using a coupon code and credit card rewards on Amazon.
  4. Monthly me-time with friends. I met my two fellow Girl Scout troop leaders at a local place for drinks to plan some meetings and kvetch. I saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and lunched with a friend beforehand. Monthly outing with friends: check! On Saturday my sister and I are having dinner and seeing a drag show, while my mom babysits the girls and the mister and the boy have a man’s night. I bought the tickets for the show months ago.
  5. Complete one freelance submission. Nothing this week.
  6. Finish the afghan languishing in the closet. This is going to be languishing until late spring.
  7. Learn how to set up my sewing machine and complete one simple project. It’s still in its container. My Aunt Judy gave me scrap fabric to practice with for Christmas. No time this week.
  8. Conquer iced cookies and icing a cake. The toddler officially became a preschooler today. It’s her 3rd birthday. I am making Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes and will try to fancy up the icing using a YouTube tutorial.
  9. Drink 64 ounces water daily. I started keeping track on MyFitnessPal again.  I have hit it every day this week so far.
  10. Survive my practicum without eating fast food. It starts the last week of January. My clinicals will be from 12p-5p once a week with an hour drive each way. I won’t need a meal break but I think I may bring a small cooler in my van with cheese, crackers, jerky, nuts, and bottled water for the drive home.


  1. Visit family in Cleveland. Sometime this summer.
  2. Weekly 1:1 time with each child. The girls and I did this marbled paper shaving cream art project. I played with our youngest while she practiced to count with dried fava beans. The boy and I watched a couple episodes of the new Lemony Snickets series on Netflix together.
  3. Sell my son’s old clothes. These are hiding in the closet.
  4. Complete kitchen counter clear-off to prepare for a fish tank. We plan on making the girls’ combined birthday present a fish tank. We want to be ready by their birthday party next month. This looks cluttered and messy but was way worse. The mister spent his day off recycling old art, throwing things out, and organizing the craft supplies. He even bought an extension for our rainbow drawers. We are getting close to goal with this.
  5. Clear out our study corner hot spot. I haven’t done any extra this week as it was a double homework week. Nothing has been piled back on there though.
  6. Get the toddler potty trained! We are using a free printable reward chart. Our youngest has been keeping dry pretty often at the sitter’s house. She has worn underwear most days this week at home, with a few refusals.  Slowly but surely…
  7. Hang pictures in front hallway. Nope. But my SIL sent us a framed family portrait from my in-laws’ 50th anniversary, and I hung it right away above the piano.
  8. Plant front yard tree. It’s still winter.
  9. Paint half bath. Not yet.
  10. Visit 6 different parks. Too cold!


  1. Complete Etsy Essentials and Brilliant Pins courses. Not yet. School has the priority this week again.
  2. Start posting regularly on my Best Geeky Baby Names site. I’ve been in school emergency still mode and have not posted once. This week!
  3. Purchase the virtual real estate for the other four sites I want to create. Not yet. Waiting for a sale.
  4. Incorporate as an LLC. I am putting this off until after my practicum.
  5. Explore affiliates for my sites. I signed up for Share a Sale but need to look at which ones to work with.
  6. Double my daily traffic for Frugal Stepping Stones. Facebook locked me out from posting for most of this week. It claims I had a virus and wants me to download something. (This is legit, we checked). However, I have not been hacked and no viruses, my husband checked. Apparently if you wait it out, they give you access back.  I could upload pictures and comment on posts, but I can’t share a link until 3 PM today.  I get a lot of Pinterest traffic, but some from Facebook too, so my stats are a little lower. It just shows you, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!
  7. Start a monthly newsletter. Not yet.
  8. Expand my Emergency Menu Plans by one new plan each month this year. These are my most popular posts by far! I have the ideas for four more menus. This is on my agenda for this week.
  9. Do one guest post. Not yet, but I have a few ideas where to reach out.
  10. Interview one person for the blog. I have someone who is interested in being interviewed.

How are your goals going?