Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 3rd Week of February 2017

Dorothy Lane Market: $74.68

Yesterday I had 120 minutes to get the house clean, make icing and ice a cake, print out and cut some games, make three appetizers, and go to the store. I hit the nearest (and most expensive) store, bought the basics of what we needed for the party, and iced the cake. We’ll need to hit the store for soy milk, cow’s milk, and yogurt, but are otherwise eating from the pantry.

I didn’t have 10 minutes to spare to take a picture, but I bought tomatoes, fresh veggies, some heart shaped cookies, sour cream, cheese, guac, bacon, crescent rolls, pop, whipping cream, spaghetti sauce, and refried beans.

So much for icing the cake. I had to settle for slapping the icing on as fast as I could and printing out a couple pictures. The girls didn’t care. I did make the icing myself. Canned icing is vile.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $74.68

Running total: $322.40

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 2nd Week of February 2017

Meijer: $24.55

The mister stopped and bought two cases of water because the reverse osmosis is still on the fritz, some beer, and a few frozen cheese pizzas on sale.

Kroger: $99.91

Rebates: $4 from Ibotta, $1 from Checkout 51, and $0.25 from Saving Star. If you want to try Ibotta, you’ll get $10 cash back when you submit your first rebate. I am getting close to getting $6 in February bonuses for Ibotta too.

One daughter was born in January and one was born in February. We usually have the combined party in February and it tends to hit around the Superbowl. That means party foods are at their lowest. As a bonus, many of these same party foods will earn cash back through grocery apps. A lot of what you see is for next Saturday’s party, and we are eating from the pantry.

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $124.46

Running total: $247.72

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 3rd Week of January 2017

Kroger: $78.43

This week begins a bit of an experiment for me. I have multiple autoimmune issues and IBS, and my IBS has been very active lately. I’ve been told to go off dairy and all grains for a short time to see if it helps, so meals are going to focus more on meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, and some legumes. It was a little more pricey this week (thanks to the meat) so we’ll see how successful this is for my health, and if I need to adjust my grocery budget upwards.

Aldi: $55.85

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $134.28

Running total: $383.68

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 2nd Week of January 2017

Kroger: $126.02

Ibotta rebate: $1 (If you sign up through this referral link, you’ll get an extra $10 cash back bonus after submitting your first rebate).

Kroger had ground beef in the discount meat area, so I grabbed a couple of them. They have a little Christmas stuff on clearance and I found napkins at $0.37 each that I will save to donate to class parties next year. I also bought the more expensive organic milk, organic beef, and eggs, as planned. Ibotta has a $0.75 rebate for Laura’s Lean ground beef this week.

Someone was so excited about raspberries that she couldn’t wait until I took a picture

Monthly goal: $500

Weekly total: $126.02

Running total: $249.40

Feeding 5 For $125 Per Week: 1st Week of January 2017

First off, did anyone notice anything different?

We are near the end of my two-year graduate school journey and I pay my last tuition in March. We have everything we need to pay it so we are starting 2017 with some new goals. Because we aren’t worried about paying for my master’s in nursing we’re going to be a little more expansive in our grocery budget.

Our new $125 budget it still much thriftier than average, but will allow us to buy higher quality local meat and eggs, and possibly organic dairy.

This week we’ve had to buy water (the reverse osmosis filter is on the fritz again) , soup, and extra juices. We have another norovirus running through the family:(. I bought juice boxes on sale for the girls’ combined birthday party in February.

Kroger: $ 123.38

Anticipated Ibotta rebate: $5 (Sign up through my referral link and submit a rebate within 2 weeks to get a bonus $10 cash back.

Monthly goal: $500

Running total: $123.38

Monthly total: $123.38

Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: Last Week of December 2016

Kroger: $123.85 (before rebates)

I knew I was going to hit a couple Ibotta bonuses this week. I got my usual $7 rebate plus $21 in bonuses.

(This is a referral link. If you want to try yourself, you will get a $10 bonus after successfully submitting your first rebate).

We had five extra visitors in our house this week plus I made Christmas dinner.I’m a little over my $400 budget for the month, but all things considered, it’s not that bad considering the special meal and extra guests. That big Ibotta bonus brought me to $97 in rebates since October, and that’s another $100 that is going towards my Roth goal.

Weekly total : $123.85

Running total: $443.45

Coming next month: a pantry challenge!

Feeding 5 For $100 Per Week: 3rd Week of December 2016

Kroger: $120.67

This is the week before Christmas, and I am hosting my in-laws this coming weekend. On top of that, we are donating some food to a family a friend of ours sponsored. We bought toys and essentially a week’s worth of groceries for a couple and 5 kids. I gave them the turkey we had in the freezer.

If you have a Kroger near you,I hope you are taking advantage of their 25 Merry Days promotion. Thanks to that, we got free dried cranberries, Werther’s candy, Pillsbury cake mix, Aquafina water, and 7Up. New coupons are released every day. Don’t discount the non-freebie coupons! Some are high value and will get you something for next to nothing.

I’m expecting about $7 in cash back from Ibotta. If you want to try, submit your first rebate within 2 weeks of signing up and you’ll get a bonus $10 cash back.

Target: $63.83 (not pictured)

This includes food for the family, holiday sprinkles for a girl scout activity, and food and snacks for my husband to bring to a Christmas party at work.

This is the time of year we do extra charitable giving, so the food for the family comes from that particular budget envelope.

This post contains referral and affiliate links. Thank you for supporting our family!

Weekly total (our food): $105.27

Charitable food total: $79.23

Running total: $319.60