Tutorial: DIY Spring Poppies Using Do-A-Dots

DIY Spring

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My older sister Kate is a graphic designer and has always been super artsy. Alas, I did not get that gene, and even hated coloring as a kid. While my son is more like me, our daughter E takes after her Aunt Kate quite a bit. She can spend hours coloring, drawing, weaving, cutting, pasting, and painting.

I usually hit up Pinterest for ideas for her, otherwise I would be lost. She never fails to surprise me though in her ability to come up with her own projects. Yesterday she spent the morning making these red poppies (one of my favorite flowers), and I thought I would share her process. Everything she used we had on hand.

Here’s what you need:


1 sheet of construction paper (she used yellow)


Do-a-dot markers (I love these because they get the fun of painting without the mess for me to clean up.)

  1. Start out by making some well-spaced orange dots with your do-a-dot.

2016-03-01 08.14.51

2. You can use your red do-a-dot to surround your orange dot. E wants to be sure you know that if you use yellow paper, you can use your purple do-a-dot and it will look red. Especially if your baby sister is already using the red.

2016-03-01 08.15.40

3. You can be frugal and use one sheet of paper for your entire project. Make every flower at once and space them out to fit on one sheet.

2016-03-01 08.15.51

4. Once you have your flowers, and the ink has dried, you can get ready to cut them.

2016-03-01 08.21.59

5. We unraveled pipecleaners we had used for a bracelet project and reused them to make the flower stems. The pipecleaner has a tiny sharp metal end on the top, so carefully poke it through the center of the orange dot. You can fold the end over once it’s through to keep it safe.

2016-03-01 08.24.07

The result: a bouquet of poppies.

2016-03-01 08.26.48