Planning Ahead to Succeed: August 2016 Budget Outlook

MAY Budget


How did we do with our July budget?

Thumbs up:

  • We spent $413.24 in groceries, just slightly over our $100 per week budget.
  • I was able to pick up 16+ work days. This includes regular work days covering for people who are off and time doing discharges, which can be done on the weekend to save us child care expenses. This is the most I have worked since I dropped to a contract position, and it was a little rough. Our regular sitter has been on vacation since mid-July, and most of those extra shifts happened the last two weeks of July. I cobbled together a couple of sitters and we paid $1220 in child care overall, which included a little bonus to my friend’s teen daughters who basically stayed with us an entire week while I worked. Even with the child care expense, plus a couple extra pizza nights, my net income for the month will be about $2400. Part will have to cover me while I take the first two weeks of August off, but I hope to have a little extra to put toward my Roth.
  • I filed for unclaimed funds back in January. Apparently I never picked up my last paycheck from Kmart when I was 17. I finally got a check in the mail for $104. Yes, 32 hours of work got me $104 after taxes back in 1995. I’m so glad I no longer earn $4.35 an hour.
  • Our insurance inspector came and we were told they will cover the fallen tree, about 20 shingles on our roof, a window screen, and part of the gutter. After our deductible, the check we got was for $2400. Our roofer will come and try to patch with the shingles the insurance database says will match. If we aren’t happy with the look, we go back to insurance and ask for a full replacement. It will be a few weeks before we see how it turns out.
  • In the continuing saga of things breaking down, the ice maker in our freezer croaked and flooded the freezer. We aren’t really going to fix it, and will just leave it off. We don’t really use ice anyway, except for parties.
  • The plastic handle of our microwave broke off spontaneously. Really. I tried duct taping it, but it was a no go. The mister is going to try to glue it, but isn’t certain it will work. Right now I am using a fork to jimmy open the door. We might end up buying a new one :(.
  • I was able to save $250 towards my Roth IRA from my salary.
  • We paid $4317.67 in cash for my tuition.
  • I spent about $200 through Ebay and Amazon replacing my too small boots and dress shoes (original prices were$400+). We spent about $36 in pull-ups for the toddler, who is now back on a potty training strike.
  • I earned about $1-2 from Google ads and $6.79 from my Amazon affiliate. I won’t get either until I reach a threshold of $100 though.

Thumbs down:

  • The final bill came for the dental implant I got this month, and we owe $361. We paid much less than we expected to pay for it though, so no big deal.
  • We spent more than we planned on entertainment. We decided to pay for everyone’s meal when we took our dad out for his birthday. Our friend unexpectedly decided to visit from Quebec, and we treated her and our sitters with one of her local favorites. We went to the movies twice (matinee prices+ Ebates).  We are tightwads, but we aren’t poor. Spending money on the people we love within reason is not really a thumbs down.
  • I paid about $80 in gas for my van this month, which is twice my normal.

How is August looking?

  • We will have extra gas expenses thanks to a road trip coming up this month (estimating 3-4 tanks of gas in the van, or about $120-160). School starts the second week of August however, and my normal usage will drop. Two of our three are school age and both will ride the bus.
  • I only have 4 work shifts lined up so far, and my mom is babysitting for one of them, as our usual sitter is not available that day. I plan on working extra time doing discharges when child care is not needed to boost the hours. There was talk of weekend shifts, but nothing has come to fruition yet. Once the first week of school is over, both our sitter and I will be more available, and I hope to pick up a few more days. I estimate around $500 in child care expenses.
  • I have one baby shower this month. I think I have a ToysRUs/BabiesRUs gift card, so I might use that to buy the gift.
  • The mister and I have one out of the house date night planned with two other couples. It will be a pricey date- about $100. We only go to this restaurant 1-2 times per year. The other couples both are driving from another city, so this place is at the halfway point. I may also be going to a girl’s night at one of those break-out rooms, but the date is not solid yet.
  • We plan on using our amusement park passes with my sister once this month. We ended up canceling in July due to the volume of my homework. We’re not planning any other kid activities that cost money. Our 5 year old has a deal with me that she gets a Chick-Fil-A date if she reads a book independently all the way through, but I don’t think it will happen this month.
  • We have at least four medical appointments, and estimate at least $160 out of pocket. One of those appointments is a shrimp oral challenge for our daughter at the allergist’s office. If she passes, she will no longer need an Epi-pen, saving us the cost of buying one every year (plus the cost we pay in fear worrying about exposure to the allergen!)
  • The right half of our driveway is sinking near the garage and needs to be lifted. We’re not sure what the cost will be, but plan on getting an estimate this month. $1000 maybe? (Any ideas readers?)
  • I should be able to put $250 minimum in my Roth and hopefully $300-500 extra.