July Budget Outlook

MAY Budget

How did we do with our June budget?

Thumbs up:

  • We spent $404.70 in groceries, essentially keeping to our $100 per week budget.
  • I was able to pick up 10 work days. This includes regular work days covering for people who are off, training, and time doing discharges, which can be done on the weekend to save us child care expenses. I had to cancel one shift thanks to the tree-falls-on-house incident and work canceled one shift on me. We spent about $700 in child care.
  • Our son leveled up in swimming classes at Aquatots, bringing us closer to the time we can nix that expense for him. He is now level 4 out of 8. Miss E is close to leveling up herself.
  • We had storm damage, as did many of our neighbors. Our homeowners insurance covered $2500 to remove the tree that fell on our house, and we had to pay $1000 for the deductible plus $300 for the non-covered stump removal. My husband spent three hours removing the remainder of the tree roots from the lawn using a pickaxe. We have some roof damage, but won’t know what will be covered until the inspector comes next week.
  • Our reverse osmosis filter croaked and my husband replaced a faulty valve himself.
  • I was able to save $250 towards my Roth IRA from my salary.
  • We had planned on building a play set and have approval from the Homeowners Association, but we’ve decided to put it off. I pay tuition next week, we still anticipate several hundred more in medical expenses, and we may have to pay out of pocket for non-covered roof expenses. The mister wants to roofer to put a special seal over our morning room, as we tend to get ice dams there in winter and have had leaks. We really need a fence too, for safety reasons, but I think it is not going to happen this year.

Thumbs down:

  • Although I could save $250 last month, I couldn’t save the $750 I wanted, thanks to unexpected out of pocket medical expenses totaling $500. On the bright side, it came out of my check and not out of savings.
  • Our cell phones are four years old. We paid cash for them in 2012 and they have served us well, but they are starting to have problems like refusing to turn on and off, won’t update, and randomly turning off. My husband’s completely croaked last week and we bought a new Nexxus for him with cash and Amazon gift card. We paid less than half the price we paid for each phone in 2012. We are waiting until September or later to replace mine. We have smart phones, and considered going with dumb phones or trying Republic Wireless, but I couldn’t convince him to do so (you win some, you lose some). With the amount of data we use, we would only be saving $5/month on our bill, and the mister wants to have access to certain things since he travels for work. I hate paying $100/month for our two cell phone plans and we probably deserve a facepunch for it.
  • We spent more than we planned on entertainment, mostly due to eating out the last week of the month.

How is July looking?

  • My husband’s gas use has not changed, but my gas usage  doubled during June. I paid $80 instead of the $35-40 I did during the school year. I anticipate July will be the same.
  • I have potentially 10 work shift to pick up, with some possibly extra work hours entering backlogged discharges during non business hours (I am going to shoot for 16 hours). We may be changing to a 7-day per week department instead of just providing business hour coverage, but that is not solid yet. If this happens, I may be able to work weekend days without paying a sitter or just a few hours of sitter coverage on Sunday. Between family coverage from Grandma and off-shift hours, partial Sunday coverage, and our regular sitter, I estimate it could be up to $700 in child care again. I won’t know for sure until I find out which days actually pan out and who can babysit.
  • The extra work means I might be able to save a little extra in my 2016 Roth fund. I need to wait and see how that next medical bill turns out.
  • We have multiple family birthdays in July. I am buying a toy for my niece for about $20-25 and we will do a gift card, dinner, and some groceries for my dad for around $50. My in-laws have their anniversary (50th!) at the beginning of August and I usually go through Ebates (referral link) to buy flowers  through Proflowers or FTD and get cash back when I do. I try to spend around $40 for this and go with whoever has the nicest cash back amount. I can usually get between 12-15% cash back for flowers through Ebates.
  • The mister and I haven’t had an out of house date since May. We did our in-home date during June. We have an Olive Garden gift card and want to see the new Star Trek movie as a matinee.  We are planning on dropping the kids off with Grandma and seeing the movie and then having dinner near the end of the month. Our summer fun is otherwise going to be at the neighborhood pool, splash parks, hiking, playing outside, and maybe a trip to get ice cream.
  • We plan on using our amusement park passes with my sister at the end of the month.
  • My sister and I are going to see the Absolutely Fabulous movie during matinee hours while Grandma babysits. I am having lunch with a friend and we got a group discount coupon for $10 for a $20 meal at a local hippie joint that serves lots of vegetarian food.
  • We have at least five medical appointments, and estimate at least $400 out of pocket. We’ll have at least $70 in medication costs.