Choose One Thing: Turn Down The Heat

Choose One Thing

Back in November, we started experimenting with trying to lower our heat costs. Because of my arthritis, I have always been cold intolerant, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage at a temperature lower than 75.

I was shocked to discover that after a month I was able to acclimate to a temperature of 70 during the day, though my experiment to keep it at 66 failed. I was freezing 24/7.

In February, we started dropping the temperature to 66 only at night, and again I was surprised to find it didn’t bother me except when I got out of bed in the morning. I even think I have been sleeping better since we made that change. I preheat my bed every night with the mattress warmer, turn it off when I get into bed, and settle in with my flannel sheets, blanket, and comforter, and feel comfortable all night.

The past two weeks, since it has been ranging in the 50s during the day, we dropped the temperature to 66 during the day. I still wear a T-shirt, flannel, and hoodie most of the time, but I am not as cold as I thought I would be. PerhapsĀ it is because there are no extra Arctic drafts sneaking through the house, but it just doesn’t feel as cold as it did at the same ambient temperature during the depths of winter.

I am hoping this latest experiment brings a nice decrease in our next month’s bill.

How about you, did you manage to keep your heat costs lower this winter?