Frugal Food Adventures: Beef Rolls from Downton Abbey Cooks (2)

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I knew when I planned on making a huge beef roast this week that I would have to figure out what to do with the leftover beef and vegetables. I’ve pinned quite a few recipes from the Downton Abbey Cooks blog and being a fan of savories, remembered I had pinned this recipe for Mrs. Patmore’s Beef Rolls on my Downton Abbey Menu board.

We are not usually fans of leftovers. I will eat them most of the time, but I’m not a big meat fan to begin with, so if we have a leftover meat dish the leftovers will more often then not go to waste. My husband hates taking leftovers to work. That’s not a very frugal habit, I know, but it’s one of a very few vices of his.

I’m a pretty cook baker, but I’m not terribly confident with my pie crust skills. Nevertheless, the dough for the rolls was pretty easy to make. I have a basic pastry blender and cut the shortening into the dry ingredients before mixing with the milk. It took about 7 minutes to mix it and do a basic roll out with a rolling pin. It was not a perfect square or perfectly even in thickness, but it still worked just fine. It made about 13 beef rolls.

I estimate that I spent about 50 cents for flour, shortening, baking soda, salt, and milk to make the dough. I minced up the cold beef and veggies and didn’t make any additional gravy.

Our verdict?

My husband, son, the toddler Miss C and myself all liked them. Our 5 year old Miss E declared them yucky and wanted a peanut butter sandwich, but she did eat the roll and picked off the beef and veggies.

Yes, I will probably make them again, and they might be even better with extra gravy on them next time.